Motivating Ted Talk: How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over

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  • Marcus

    That was awesome!! Thanks a lot guys, it was just what I needed.

  • Craig Eady

    Well said, mel Robbins

  • Craig Eady

    Well said, Mel Robbins

  • Dennis Swender

    Great Ideas! I teach a class at Ivy Tech Community College that tries to get students to keep taking action to change their lives. I can’t wait to show this to them.

    A friend of mine ‘did’ this talk to me by making me go to Toronto. He borrowed Donald Miller’s term of inciting incidents to change ones life. An inciting incident in literature is the conflict that makes our hero act… to do something they normally wouldn’t. Toronto was kind of that for me.

  • Phil Hamer

    So glad I watched this today. Thanks! 

  • Eric

    During this video I kept realizing that my problem is that the actions I regularly have impulses to perform I do not act on because I know they are bad ideas! :/ I think this isn’t the video for me.

    Otherwise, it was a good video if you’ve got lofty aspirations but are always mired in work or family responsibilities, or if you are just plain lazy.

  • EMT

    I’m usually reluctant to watch these kinds of videos because the speakers usually just have the “same ol’ re-heated motivation speech”, but this lady had something different and real to say. Thanks for posting

  • Ricky P

    Awesome Post! This is TOTALLY not what I expected it to be. 

  • Micah Stubz

    She knows me too well.

  • Rick Palese

    Brilliant. Hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ashish Kumar

    I need this

  • Farah Elise

    Love love love!!