Interactive Getup Builder: The IT Professional

IT work clothes

The unsung champions of the corporate cubicle, IT professionals keep a business working. Tasked not only with help desk tickets full of ID-10T errors, these tech warriors regularly dismantle and reassemble servers in fiery hot or blistering cold dark rooms, drag cable over ceilings and under desks, and painstakingly migrate databases through the weekend. Needless to say, finding something to wear that is professional, comfortable, and not overdressed is quite a task.

This unique plight of the systems superhero is one of the most frequently requested Getups. Since comfort is so significant in this position, gents are regularly surrounded by co-workers and superiors who don't put too much emphasis on style, or find their normal wear too hot for all the movement. The options here accomplish 3 things: Comfort, by way of light fabrics or removable layers; Style, by introducing textures and colors in otherwise boring casualwear; and Casualness, by sticking to common items like denim, chinos, and conservative, but not boring, shirts.

Use this interactive Getup Builder to play around and find combinations that fit your work environment. Go nuts! You can check out the 7 examples on the left as a starting point.

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