Interactive Getup Builder: The IT Professional

IT work clothes

The unsung champions of the corporate cubicle, IT professionals keep a business working. Tasked not only with help desk tickets full of ID-10T errors, these tech warriors regularly dismantle and reassemble servers in fiery hot or blistering cold dark rooms, drag cable over ceilings and under desks, and painstakingly migrate databases through the weekend. Needless to say, finding something to wear that is professional, comfortable, and not overdressed is quite a task.

This unique plight of the systems superhero is one of the most frequently requested Getups. Since comfort is so significant in this position, gents are regularly surrounded by co-workers and superiors who don't put too much emphasis on style, or find their normal wear too hot for all the movement. The options here accomplish 3 things: Comfort, by way of light fabrics or removable layers; Style, by introducing textures and colors in otherwise boring casualwear; and Casualness, by sticking to common items like denim, chinos, and conservative, but not boring, shirts.

Use this interactive Getup Builder to play around and find combinations that fit your work environment. Go nuts! You can check out the 7 examples on the left as a starting point.

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Nick

    I know you put a lot of work into the Getups but this is the best way of doing them. I can’t begin to tell you how much this site has helped me in general but as far as style goes, it’s the bee’s knees. I would love to see the get ups move to this format as it is AWESOME.

  • nickrodriguez

    Well done, as an IT professional I agree with everything you said here. A lot of these getups will be added to my closet soon!

  • Nick Rodriguez

    Well done, as an IT professional I agree with everything you said here. A lot of these getups will be added to my closet soon!

  • Ibro bawa

    I can’t tell you how long i have searched for this. i worked over night in a room full of servers that can only be compared to a deep freezer at Walmart. its quite difficult to be motivated to dress well. This illustration helps out quite a bit. cheers

  • Jason

    I think this is great. As a guy in IT I like to be casual, but still look professional.

    Not to bag on you too much, but professional is misspelled in your graphic. Doesn’t detract from the overall message at all, but thought you’d want to know.

    • Andrew

      Haha, shit. You know what’s most embarrassing about that? I realized it was misspelled yesterday and fixed it – and it was still misspelled. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Jason

        Haha, I’ve been there man, it happens sometimes.

  • Phil

    This is great, if only there was a subtle way to share this with my “I’m too nerdy to care what I look like” cooworkers.

  • davis

    Who owns the H&M jeans? They look like a complete steal at $20. Want to hear from some people that have them.

    • Andrew

      I have a pair, that I think are the same ones. I love the way they look and fit. The pocket liner of the left front pocket has a hole in it now, but I may have done something to cause it, not sure. I had another pair of H&M jeans before and I liked them too, no problems with them, just became out of style.

      • davis

        Thanks for the response, Andrew. No H&M in my area but now that they do online shopping I will be getting some of those $20 jeans.

  • Adam

    This is precisely what I have been looking for!

  • Matt Septer

    So awesome!

  • Chris

    The best getup to date, two thumbs up from this IT professional.

  • Brian Boehler

    How about one for Non-Profit Workers???

    • Andrew

      Would it be much different?

      • Brian Boehler

        It could be a bit different. I guess. Most of the non-profits in my area focus on kids and families.

        Me personally, work for a Hands on Science Non-Profit, and go from one day running a summer science camp, to planning events, to meeting with school admins, to local politicians, community luncheons with different social groups, to running in house field trips with showing off animals we have, to being an event director for FIRST Robotics events, and then going from school to school in the afternoon to end the night out with a night out with any one of the social groups. (aka donors and volunteers for the non-profit)

        I guess is there a type of wardrobe that would be tough enough to handle kids, animals, and sometimes messy science experiments all day and then transition into something more respectable for luncheons/evening?

        • Andrew

          Definitely, stick with hardy but attractive options like denim, wool, flannel, etc. It will also look very rugged, which is a plus.

  • JMDJ

    This is awesome… I’ve been in IT for 20 yrs now and like to dress well and appropriately but need a little help… I hope this becomes a regular at Primer Mag… 4 Getup Builders for the IT Pro per year every season… 🙂

  • Amond

    I’m not an IT specialist, I’m a broadcast engineer and these Getups are perfect. Thank you so much for these ideas. Its hard finding ideas on what to wear when every site focuses on suits and business attire and I don’t know if I’m going to spend my day at the desk on a computer or in the racks running cable. Thanks again!

  • Rick

    Three Comments here: 1.) Those boots do not fall in to the “affordable” style category. 2.) 95% of IT Guys dont care how they look. 3.) Regarding fashion I think Andrew is dead on 90% of the time but his last name sounds like a cartoon villain.

  • Rachel Bell

    This look look is really completed by the boots. I think shoes can be a mystery to people when it comes to certain occasions and situations in terms of what’s appropriate. I have really been enjoying the work boot style shoes that are being worn more often.

  • Dana Crawford

    Just when you thought these getups couldn’t get better and here we are with an Interactive Getup dedicated to the IT professional. But now more time will be spent driving to and from different stores!!!!

  • John

    Any other suggestions on a brown pullover? That BR one is getting bad reviews.

  • Jay

    I can’t believe I’m just seeing this now! I’m an IT guy and and this just made my whole weekend. And pretty much fits my style exactly.

    I also love the layout of this. I hope to see this type of thing in The Getup again soon!

  • rB

    Anyone having the same problem as I? I cannot scroll through the different tabs, clicking on the different buttons (“Server Room – Hot”, “Running Cables”, “Offsite summit” etc is exactly my job scope) did not help. I can only see one style of clothes. It is the same for all getup builders. Tested on Chrome browser and Internet explorer. Please help :/

    • Andrew

      Thanks for the heads up, I’m seeing the issue on my end as well. Looking into it.

      • rB

        any progress so far? am really keen to see the getups.

  • sojo2600

    Is the graphic broken for anyone else?

  • Wesley Chase

    Man this right here is the BOMB!! Exactly what I need now that I start my I.T career in 2 weeks! eeek! 🙂 This is sort of the last piece of the puzzle before I start.

  • JustaNormalGeek

    Just seeing this. Been working in IT at a large bank for almost 11 years now. I don’t know who you consulted with (if you even did) to come up with these outfits combinations but they are SPOT ON. Keep it up Good Sir!

  • NaNdo

    hey Andrew, would you please update this pattern. i work in I.T and i feel , more like know, that im alway wearing the same clothes, same dark patters.