The Getup: Warm Days, Cool Evenings

The Getup: Warm Days, Cool Evenings
It’s getting nicer out, stay cool during the day in shorts, but warm enough as the evening chill rolls in.

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  • Wilson

    Hmm. Are the Walmart Oxford shirts actually any good? The reviews on are mostly positive, but I’m not sure how accurate they are.

    • Andrew

      Wilson, I’m hoping to pick one up this weekend. I picked up a flannel shirt for $10 there and it was a fine fit and quality. If I had to bet, I would think its probably a “classic” fit.

  • James

    I would question about products in general from Walmart being any good. Yeah the price is cheap, but how long will the products last?

  • Matt

    American Crew does good work, but is NOT $11.50. I think I paid almost $20 at Rite Aid for it.

  • Chris

    I picked up two George brand long sleeves a couple weeks ago for $14 each. They fit great, Walmart is really starting to come around with their clothing. Our local walmart has a business casual section with button ups and slacks.

  • Alexander W.

    They aren’t easy to find online, but their George line has slim fit shirts. I haven’t actually tried them though.

  • Mike

    I keep clicking on the nice d ring belt n keeps sending me to the foam hair product…

  • Andrew

    Mike, Keep clicking on it, it’ll take you there eventually. 🙂 Just kidding, I fixed the link. Sorry about that!

    Matt, These Getups are interactive, so if you click on the American Crew it will take you to a place that it’s only $11.50. Don’t buy name brand hair products at a drug store, you’ll pay way more for them.

  • Mike

    I keep clicking on the d-ring belt and ur sends me to the Jcrew hair product. This getup looks nice and simple I’m out to get me some boat shoes!

  • Adam

    Wal-Mart huh….never really thought about getting clothes there. I’ll have to check it out

  • John

    Gingham shorts? Not my thing. Maybe a nice Brit Khaki or gray. Also navy and navy is too match-y.

    Walmart does have some nice simple things like shirts and cotton pullovers that are inexpensive and you can feel okay about beating to death. I have a navy, gingham, button-down collar SHIRT (not shorts) that I got there for $5 on clearance. I changed the buttons from tortise to pearloid, but that’s just me. Still didn’t cost more that $7 and I wear the hell out of it ’cause it’s really soft. When it cools down, I wear a wheat colored 1/4 zip sweatshirt with tennis tails that I got for $9 on clearance over it.

  • Ethan

    Love seeing a Get-Up with shorts! Thanks Andrew!

  • Mike

    Could you do an article like this for places that get as hot as the surface of the sun like Phoenix? It’s going to be 92 degrees here this weekend and I (and probably most other folks) would be sweating profusely in this outfit. Tips for places that get this hot would be greatly appreciated. 

    • Andrew

      Hey Mike, Just ditch the sweater, and swap the white oxford for a white polo. Bim bam boom!