The Getup: Up and At ‘Em

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • kp

    That bag… must buy….

  • confused grad student

    How about a getup for grad students? pretty please. I’ve always had trouble standing out from the undergrads and not dressing up like older professors.

    Young but professional.

    I attend UC Santa Cruz so the styles range from hipsters, surfers, richie rich kids, hippie, but professors on campus don’t dress up.. jeans are ok.

    But I’ll be teaching soon, so I’d like to be taken a little bit more seriously. I’m reading past entries and trying to learn what I can. Thanks for the great blog.

  • Matt

    Just don’t show anyone at work the pocket knife. =)

    Nice outfit, as always Andrew.

  • Jonathan Nguyen


    How is the build quality of that bag compared to the Saddleback Leather one you reviewed a while back? I found the Etsy link and it appears to be made in India. Photos make me believe the hardware is a bit unreliable. How do you stand on this issue? Thank you heaps. As always, great combination. I particularly enjoy the pattern contrast between the shirt and tie. Keep on doing your thing!

    Jonathan Nguyen

  • Andrew

    Hey Jonathan,

    Can’t speak first hand unfortunately. I’ve been eyeing it and a few others on Etsy for awhile.

  • David

    Does Forever 21 sell mens clothing in their stores? Every time I have walk past one, I see nothing but girls clothes and dismiss the place (I used to do the same thing with H&M, but now I shop there regularly). I really like that cardigan and want to try it on before buying it.

  • Andrew

    David, They do, but some stores, as with H&M, are women only. Their men’s line is called 21 Men

  • Andrew

    Confused Grad Student,

    Is there something about this Getup you think you can’t wear as a grad student? Too formal? Ditch the pants for jeans.

  • km80


    You need to do an article on slim fit shirts and the price ranges. I am just not a fan of shirts that balloon in the middle. Makes me feel like a middle aged banker. thanks for helping me dress better

  • Andrew

    That Brooks Bothers shirt would be a good place to start. I’ve found a lot of the new slim options at places like Gap are actually TOO slim for my average build, so at places like that, regular fit should be slimmer than the balloon sacks we’re used to. I’ll look into doing a post!

  • JC

    Dear ATS,

    I’m living in Denver now and I am wondering if you have any tips on outdoorsy styling that can play at the bar and the office without looking like I just got off the mountain…

  • Michael

    I second the idea of a slim fit shirt article. I’m a slender guy (5 ft 9, 155 pounds) and I look like a child in most dress/sport shirts I try on. An article pointing out my options would be extremely helpful

  • John

    I’m with Andrew on slim fit and grad student or young professional: The Gap Triumverate Slim is too slim, so I just stick with Classic, but size down sometimes (their S is 36-38, M 39-41, and I wear a 38).

    Trade the trousers for dark jeans (or faded ones for that matter) and this outfit works. In fact, most of these Getups would work for a grad student with or without a less dressy substitution.


  • David

    Thanks Andrew. I checked the site and there isn’t a 21 Men store within 100 miles of me. That would explain why I never see them…

  • KM80

    On the topic of slim Shirts..Anything but GAP and H&M, they almost seem good for only one wash..More like wear and throwaway. I’ve tried Banana Republic, JCrew and some brands off Nordstorm rack and found them good, but I’d be curious on Andys take on it

  • Andrew


    I’ve had the same experience with H&M. I still like browsing the store and find some things from time to time, but for basics I’ve moved elsewhere. I do have a white dress shirt from there that is still holding up after a few years though, so I guess it’s just hit or miss.

    I haven’t had that problem with Gap though, honestly they’re one of my go-to’s for stuff like that. I’d watch out for shirts that look like they might shrink, I had a western shirt from there that shrank quite a bit and I can’t wear now.

    For flannel type shirts you can’t beat Lands End Canvas, the one I have from them is one of my favorite shirts, and it’s a nice fit, not too slim, not baggy on my average build.

  • David


    Aside from H&M, I have a couple ‘fitted’ shirts from Express. I am more built (6′ 1″, 195 lbs, 44″ chest, 33″ waist, with 36″ long arms), and the ‘fitted’ shirts fit me perfectly. Not too tight, but still slim. I have never tried on their extra slim 1MX shirts though. The price is a little high on the high end (~$70/shirt), but it’s another place for you to look.

  • Ethan


    Can you explain what the difference between a non-iron shirt, a casual buttoned shirt, and a regular dress shirt is? Non-iron shirts confuse the crap out of me as far as how to wear them, but they seem to feature a lot of classic, versatile designs. Thanks!

  • Fred

    How about a get-up on summer garb, featuring shorts next time?

  • Andrew


    In my experience non-iron is a production method, not a style. They coat the fibers with a chemical that keeps the shirt wrinkle free. I have wrinkle free dress shirts, and wrinkle free casual shirts. If you travel in high class circles, I suppose a wrinkle free shirt may not be dressy enough compared to a super-nice dress shirt, but for us common Joes, a wrinkle-free dress shirt in a tasteful pattern and flattering cut should be just fine. Hope that answers your question.

  • Andrew


    Definitely a good idea for a Getup. Where do you live that it’s shorts weather already!? 🙂 I’m in LA, and I still wear sweaters.

  • Fred

    haha yeah I’m from Dallas, so it’s been 70s here for about a month (and getting warmer). I feel like I can dress well with pants, but shorts confuse me, especially when it comes to pairing shoes with them

  • Jake

    i found those photographer pants to be incredibly slim at the calves and thighs…and their producer pants are just a tad bigger than i’d want. any suggestion on something in between with a wool or wool- blend slacks for a sleek look?

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  • PWA

    How about a day at the state fair?