The Getup: The Whiskey Bar & Exclusive 20% Off at

The Getup: The Whiskey Bar & Exclusive 20% Off at
Casual and classy, sophisticated but simple.
adThis post is brought to you by Levi’s®. Explore the collection at 

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Mensicon

    The USB Flash key is so unique!

    • Zthoren

      I’m not sure I’d need it at a Whiskey bar though…

      • Andrew

        Wasn’t much gear to include. 😜

  • Sean

    I always love the getups, but I have one question. I am 6’5″, so i was wondering where i could find similar shoes in a 14-15 size?

  • stillz

    DUDE thanks for the large size shoe options

  • Ryan

    Andrew, any tips on how to wear the cardigan? Buttoned vs. un-buttoned, sleeves rolled or not, shirt underneath tucked or un-tucked, etc? Cardigans intimidate me.

    • Andrew

      I would probably do one roll of the shirt sleeves over top the cardigan, buttoning 2-3 of the middle sweater buttons. Tucked/untucked depends on where you’re going and if you want to dress it up or dress it down. Cardigans are super easy to pull off with the right partners; dark jeans, shirt, nice shoes. Try a dark gray to start.

      • Ryan

        Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

    • Zthoren

      I go buttoned, shirt tucked (usually) with sleeves down (not rolled) with shirtsleeves peaking out at the wrist to show contrast on the arms. I like my cardigans to fit more snug than normal sweaters and this style suits me that way. 

      • Zthoren

        note, never button the bottom cardigan button. Sometimes not the second one up either.

  • Cheyenne

    I have the shirt from JCPenney’s.  I have to say that it has quickly become my “go-to”.  Thanks for including it in a getup!  Also, Buffalo Trace is very popular with the crowd I run with.

  • Andrew Roth

    Not bad.  The only thing I’d add is that if you’re pushing the price range to include JWB, you should really also have Redbreast 12 on that list as well.

  • Ethan

    Tried that Cardigan on this weekend, and wasn’t a big fan. The V rose very high on the shirt (think deep V-neck shirt territory), and the fit was baggy. As an alternative, I’d suggest the Gap merino cardigan (found here: With the frequent sales, it should be able to be found in the $40 range, and had much better construction. 

  • Jano

    Good setup and always a huge fan of Johnnie Walker. The cardigan throws me off a bit. I love the color combination but am iffy on the style of it.

  • Jake

    hey andrew, remember that LEC tweed herringbone blazer we love so much? fortunately (or unfortunately, as you’ll soon see,) i lost around 35 pounds since i bought it for 86 bucks, and it now fits me like  a tent. I’ve been sizing down from a 42 to a 40 in everything i own, (expensive) –  i was hoping you’d know of an affordable option for  asimilar jacket

  • Donny Wisor

    I actually got this cardigan at Target yesterday….I’m loving it.  

  • Noe Garcia

    are those pants dark grey? 

  • David

    Can someone enlighten me? Which Levi’s am I looking at here?

  • Chappys4life

    What color are the pants? I think they are dark grey. Could you sub in dockers?

  • Austin

    Hey Andrew, I’ve been scouring the web and was not able to find those shoes, any suggestions??? Thanks !!!

  • Colby

    I picked up the JCP shirt for $14 today. Great fit!

    • mikenike

      where did you pick it up from

      • ColbyJH

        On a clearance rack at JC Penney.

        • mikenike

          do you know where I can grab it online

          • ColbyJH

            It appears that JCP no longer offers it. It was a JCP exclusive.

  • Question

    Hey i can’t seem to find those Levi’s, can someone help me out. Like what Levi’s number are they thank you

  • Question

    And Andrew do you have a link to the jc penny shirt in Canada

  • mikenike

    Yea when I click on the link it says they no longer have the item (referring to the jc penny shirt )

    • Andrew

      Unfortunately that doesn’t surprise me. Their direction has been in flux for awhile now

      • mikenike

        so there is no way I can get my self a pair of the jc penny shirts

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