The Getup: The Holiday Season

The Getup: The Holiday Season
Get-togethers with friends and relatives, a drink with an old pal, or a holiday date, this Getup will take you anywhere your day goes.

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  • Noonan

    Who comes up with this crap?  Anyone wearing this is a tool.

  • Chris

    So is the sweater optional? Meaning, does it still look ok if you just wear the button down with the coat? 

    • David X L

      I think the sweater serves two purposes. One, it’s warm, so you’ll need it if you don’t live in a wimpy-winter state like California. Two, it really warms up the colors in the outfit. Everything else is kind of cold or earthy. If you don’t wear that, consider wearing a brighter scarf.

      • Sam

        As a Bay Area Californian, I hate our winters, it’s too cold.

        Wow, I AM a wimp…

      • Andrew

        My thoughts exactly! In fact, the coat is the optional part, just to dress it up a bit depending on where you’re going. If it isn’t needed, go with a regular coat/jacket. Thanks for the comments!

  • Mplomin

    Just clicked through to Frank & Oak – nice threads there! I’m so glad I found Primer. You guys help me find the most awesome stuff.

  • Kevin

    love these getups…. but is there any way you can get a picture with the whole outfit put together? 

  • Danchav83

    Do you actually purchase/ wear these outfits? Cause if you do it would be cool to see it modeled on someone. Love this site

  • Tony

    What is the fit of the Frank & Bass shirts? I have an athletic build and typical (regular or classic fit) dress shirts leave too much fabric