The Getup: The Casual Date

The Getup: The Casual Date
Dressing for a first date is easy. It’s the 5th or 6th that you wrestle with looking good without being overdressed.

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  • Bronson

    Doesn’t seem like your cologne picks link is up.

  • CS

    I really don’t understand the obsession with Wurkin’ Stiffs. Isn’t it just a steel collar stay and a rare-earth magnet? If so, you can get the same thing for less than a quarter of the price.

    Otherwise, love the outfit. I really wish that Dockers would start making slim pants in my size again.

  • Andrew

    Bronson, Sorry about that, I corrected the link.

  • Ray

    Great article Andrew! The Get Up guide has been an awesome tool on my path from college to professional. I’m a young professional in higher education, where image to students, tenured faculty, and administration is key if you want to be taken seriously.
    One outfit I always struggle with is “night life.” It would be great to have The Get Up, at the bar, edition. I don’t want to dress up to much but want to look mature when I’m having a few drinks with my friends or my lady.

  • Nick

    The Target do not work as well. But on a happier note…These getups are the best. It’s awesome that you guys are pushing a lot of these out. Keep ’em coming!

  • Felipe

    You can get those Beeswax boots for $100 on Amazon with PRIME shipping! (:

    • Nick

       If you have a nordstrom rack near you it might be worth checking first.  Found tons of the beeswax boots there for $70 (had 2 or 3 pairs in my size, for example).  Love them – very comfy.

  • Andy

    The cologne link works, it just takes a while.

    I really like your picks. I also believe that this getup could work once you’re in a relationship. You don’t always need to dress up to go out, but this getup looks great for any date, whether it’s you’re first or hundredth.

  • Christopher

    Wooden watch you say? Tell me more.

    Also, nice outfit. It’s a little dark for my liking with the pant color and the cardigan color but the style is spot on. The price for those clarks is a bit exaggerated. DSW has never had them for over 80 bucks. But it’s a great shoe and that’s the color I own too. They work, they’re casual without having to be chuck taylors. Damn chuck taylors.

  • John

    Ok, I gotta ask

    Where did you come up with the total of $58 for cash on hand?

  • John

    Plenty of oxfords available with buttondown collars, so you don’t need the Wurkin’ Stiffs.

  • Daniel

    John, read the article that is linked.

  • Jack

    The Alpha Khaki from Dockers SUCKS. The leg opening at the ankle gives sweatpants elastic a run for it’s money.

  • Daniel

    For a cheaper alternative to the Clarks Desert Boot ($121), I would highly recommend the Clarks Bushacre. They are the same style as the Desert, but with a synthetic (and hence, longer lasting) sole as compared to the crepe sole.

    DSW (where I bought mine) currently has the Bushacre for nearly half the price of the Desert Boot at $69.95. The Tan Leather colorway actually IS Beeswax Leather.

  • JC

    $58? And how did you arrive at that amount?

  • McD

    Wooden watches are horrendous in my opinion.

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