The Getup: The BBQ

The Getup: The BBQ
Relaxing with friends and family doesn’t mean you should dress like a schlep.

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  • Brandon R

    I really like the way this was put together and it’s more affordable than most of the Getups.
    Do you have a pants alternative? Also I have really wide feet where might I get similar shoes to fit me?

  • Bryce
  • Charles

    I would recommend against getting that Old Navy polo. Got two of them a few days ago and to me they look terrible in person.

  • Jeff K

    The Jewish kid in the crowd has to point out that “schlep” by itself means to “carry or move about.” While a “schlepper” is what was intended by… “Relaxing with friends and family doesn’t mean you should dress like a schlep.” Best word to use is “dreck” meaning, poop, can refer to the ugliness of objects or people as in “Relaxing with friends and family doesn’t mean you should dress like a dreck.”


    • Andrew

      Haha thanks. I actually did consult the dictionary before to make sure I was using it correctly. Supposedly schlep also means:

      schlep – (Yiddish) an awkward and stupid person

  • Adam

    I bought the shoes in this getup, and was a bit disappointed to find that they are a yellower shade of tan than what is pictured here and on their website. Do I just need to be more open-minded about what outfits they can work with, or is it worth trying to whiten them (say, with bleach or peroxide)? If I end up ruining them, I’d only be down about $20.

    This site has been the cornerstone of my wardrobe overhaul, Andrew, so all the thanks in the world! I am in my early 30s and while it’s never too late to get one’s act together style-wise, I sure wish this had been around in my early 20s! Keep these getups coming!

  • Nick

    I kinda like it and I might try this look soon. Yes, do you have a pants alternative? Thanks!

  • Cheyenne

    What kind of socks do you recommend with this?

  • Andrew

    For pants, go for a pair of brown corduroys or chinos. Blue, light or navy, would also look great.

    For socks, go for low or no-show or go sockless.

  • Mitch

    Really looking forward to trying out some of these. Not really diggin’ the plaid shorts, so maybe just some nice khaki short and a belt would do for me.

    And I’d love to see a music festival getup! I’m going to three of four this summer, and with the heat and needing the ability to carry phones, wallets, tickets, drinks, etc. the choices you make about what to wear are unique.

    • Andrew

      Hey Mitch,

      I did a festival Getup a week or two ago, check it out and let me know if it’s what you’re looking for.

  • Dale Allen

    ankle socks work great with these man!