The Getup: The 7th Date

The Getup: The 7th Date
Well look at you – you’re into full-on relationship territory, my friend. Don’t get sloppy now; dress sharp without overdoing it.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • WCM

    Love this outfit. I like the idea of offering the upgrades as well. Even though I’m broke and will probably never upgrade, it’s good to see options. This isn’t Soviet Russia after all. Being relatively new to the fashion game, I’m reassured to see the importance of a good boot and how it can dress down an outfit. The Get Ups are easily one of my favorite features.

  • Nklotz

    Awesome post as usual Andrew, love this. Already have similar shirt/jeans but seeing these all together is making it really tempting to buy those boots and that blazer. Looks like a steal for only $100. Keep the Getups coming, seriously the best part of Primer.

    • Andrew

      Check the blazer out. I saw it in person last week, for $50 it’s hard to beat, but some folks won’t like it. A gray blazer is definitely something you’ll use for a long time, so if you can opt for something a little nicer go for it.

      • Jason O

        Looks awfully short in the body… is that just online or is it the same in person?

        • Lucas Gladman

          It is a bit short. I own the blazer and the pants that match (not bad for a $90 suit). It’s not quite “shrunken” because the sleeves are the appropriate length, but the body is a little short. Go try it on. I had to size up, but I won’t have to get it tailored. 

  • Jean Laplante

    Love the upgrade options, thanks!    (More prescription glasses please)

    • Andrew

      Will do! Any retailers you’d recommend?

      • DanPatrickFlores

        I’m looking into Warby Parker for a pair and has a lot of brands.

  • Paul R Sanders

    Wow. Popped on the site to search for recommendations for affordable winter boots. Left bummed that I only found recommendations at $100+. Then saw this, and am stoked!

    Anyone have experience with those boots?

  • Grey11204

    I love the Parnis watches, have one myself.  Tried getting that blazer the other day and they only had one left, not in my size.  Any idea when H&M will have online ordering in the US

    • Andrew

      Not soon enough. I can’t believe there are still retailers holding out.

  • JH

    This may be a dumb question but do you put one of those handkerchiefs in your breast pocket like a pocket square?

    • Andrew

      That’s what I was thinking, especially if it’s patterned. I like the far right one, or the solid dark blue – not showy but smart.

  • Jboyle

    Okay – I love the getups, and this is no different… but why, oh why, oh why must almost EVERY guys style guide include skinny fit/slim fit jeans in their outifts?? 
    Not every single man in the world can/does/wants to wear these… I know they are ‘de-rigeur’ in the fashion world, but c’mon…
    I’m a distance runner and martial artist with 17% body fat, and there’s no way in hell I could EVER wear skinny/slim fit jeans or trousers… My body type just doesn’t work with them… so please, for the love of my sanity, can we start creating outfits that don’t require drainpipe legs to wear??

    • Andrew

      I hear you, I’m a straight fit kind of guy. Fortunately, Gap has a wide range of fits and this is not true “skinny”. Their straight fit looked a bit baggy so I opted for the slimmer “slim”. They have slimmer fits than this, so it can’t be THAT tight. 🙂

    • WCM

      I’d be more concerned with the fact that you are a “distance runner” with 17% body fat, no?

  • Andres Herrera

    I’m curious on the Pomade stuff…is that use more to poof up hair or what?

    • WCM

      My experience with Pomade is that it gives you a more shiny, sleek, slicked back style of hair. If you want something that will give you a ‘poof’, or a more natural look, check out Axe’s Understated Look.

  • Evan

    Hey Andrew,

    Love the Getup’s. Not only are they a great selection but at reasonable prices too. I’m only 20 and have been slowly trying to do the transition from highschool to 20’s/undergrad in terms of fashion (ditching the logo’s, ripped jeans, etc.).

    Although I love something like the outfit you laid above it seems a bit much for a young undergrad (im also baby-faced which doesnt help). Some of your other casual outfits work perfectly, but I was wondering if you could do or make some recommendations on how a young, babyfaced, 20 year old can start improving his fashion game without dressing far older than he looks.

    • Damonnelson

      You have already made the right first step in my opinion by ditching logos. I haven’t worn a logo on purpose since 1994. That will all change soon though when I launch my new brand though.

  • RH

    I know this is an older article, but would you recommend the shirt being tucked or untucked?

  • Brian

    Been using hanz de fuko products for about a year now…can’t speak for their pomade (haven’t tried it yet), but if you’re looking to poof up your hair and add some volume, their Quicksand product is pretty awesome. A bit more expensive than your average supermarket product, but the difference in quality/performance is definitely noticeable.

    • Andrew

      Agreed, I love Quicksand. I plan on featuring it at some point.

  • Ohio Atheist

    No thanks to the Parnis watch. They make fakes in Chinese sweatshops.