The Getup: T-shirt & Shorts Kind of a Guy

The Getup: T-shirt & Shorts Kind of a Guy
Often times in summer our priorities shift from dressing well to “Damn, it’s friggin hot out.” No matter, a Primer gent can make even a t-shirt and a pair of shorts look smart.

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  • Reply May 3, 2012


    pretty standard, but then, looking around, 90% of guys just can’t seem to get it right. Good post andrew

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    I second that ^. It seems there is a ton of good advice out there but few actually take it. Good segment as always Andrew!

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    I think this absolutely can be done well with an understated T and properly fitting shorts. It never hurts to just take it one step up and swap the T for a polo or really lightweight button down (that is short enough in length to wear untucked).

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    Love the Keds. Also, great simple summer look, even if I’m not a t-shirt guy.

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    This is me most every weekends, You can spice it up with your shirt/short color choices and change the watch (timex weekender is great for that), glasses color (black/brown), shoe color (vans are good for this).

    A great weekend “uniform” that looks very casual but also pretty polished.

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    Can anyone re-link the belt, or point me towards anything in a similar color, style, and price range? The link Andrew provided seems to be either broken or the belt is out of stock.


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    Those deck shoes have to be Sperrys, though.

  • Reply May 3, 2012


    Hey Daniel, Looks like the belt is sold out now. I’ve swapped the link for a similar style from Fossil, though it’s a darker color.

  • Reply May 3, 2012


    Thanks, Andrew.

    I was really interested in the lighter tan-brown color.

    What are your thoughts on this belt from Relic, available at Kohl’s…?

  • Reply May 4, 2012


    Just a word of warning – I have that exact Target T-shirt and the length is like a dress. I’m 5 ft 10, wearing a small, and the shirt comes down to below my rear-end.

    Like others before me have said, there are a lot of great options that can replace this shirt. I love these “The Getup” posts, and am always happy to see a new one. Please keep up the good work!

  • Reply June 21, 2012


    These posts are great with suggesting good looks. Just one major complaint with this post….who is spending $100 on shades to wear with a timex that cost 1/3 of that? I would much rather spend $120 on a watch and only have $10 left over for sunglasses! Or skip the cheap looking bracelet and by $24 sunglasses. Just my thought…

  • Reply April 21, 2015


    Great post. Check out my blog for style tips for the tall, athletic build.

    Thanks everyone!

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