The Getup: Summer Weekend Freedom

The Getup: Summer Weekend Freedom
Head out with your buds or your girl and enjoy the weather. Break the mold and mix up the colors.

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  • Jake

    great getup. what color scheme would you suggest with a blue chambray-ish poplin shorts? ( i have these, great deal if anyone is interested –

  • Andrew

    Jake, Glad you like it! You could stick with a similar scheme, go for a red/salmon shirt or sweater, then switch the shoes out for brown boat shoes or white canvas sneakers.

  • Chris

    Those boat shoes are awesome. Brown laces instead of white add great contrast.

  • JB

    Andrew, I absolutely love this getup. I think you nailed it.

    I want to get that cardigan and those shorts.

    Way to go!

  • Jeff K

    Hey guys also for the summer I just bought two pairs of these quicksilver amphibians! They are perfect because they look classy for a summer short especially in the vintage blue and they can be used for shorts or as swim trunks (thus…amphibians…).

  • Greg_s

    I have those shorts. They are nails. The fit is actually great and they color is interesting. I’m 6′ and feel like they are the right length. Might be on the short side if you’re tall.

  • Jeff K


    I am 6’5″ and feel they are perfect for the summer look and don’t find them too short. Also, I think a little bit shorter is “in” this season.

  • Greg_s

    Interesting. They are like 2 inches above my knee. Either way, I have longish legs. Perhaps they vary based on waist size.

  • Lisa

    Cardigans never go out of style. You can use it in any season and it’s the perfect type of clothing that hides all your insecurities about your upper body.

  • HassA

    Hey. My question was, can you wear cardigans during the summer? I live in Karachi and its really, REALLY humid+hot out. Advice?

  • Markus

    Wearing the shorts right now. They are really good for how little they cost!

  • The Modest Man

    Those Topman sunglasses look like a nice (a.k.a. cheap) alternative to Wayfarers, eh?

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