The Getup: Summer Color

The Getup: Summer Color
Leave drab at home, and be the best dressed gent in the office.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Jimbo Slice

    Nice selection! I dig the wallet, I might go after one.

  • Micah

    I recently stumbled upon your site and I have to say I love the “Getup’s” you have put together…unlike GQ, they are all reasonably priced, and offer items that are typically pretty available to pretty much anyone. Keep up the good work. I already bought the Timex watch you mentioned in a previous article and found myself daydreaming looking at a stingray corvette….

  • Herman

    I picked up a few of the argyle socks at Target last week…. they rock! What a deal!

  • Chris

    The day one of my staff walks in wearing those pants is the day they file for unemployment.

  • Andrew


    Not everyone works in such a strict workplace. I get requests for work getups that run the gamut from t-shirts and jeans to 3 piece suits, and try to offer as much variety as I can. Doesn’t work for your office? Then they can wear it to a Sunday brunch. Doesn’t fit your style at all? Don’t wear ’em.

  • Michael

    @Chris, you feel big because you manage a couple of people? I would let you go in a heartbeat as you apparently cant manage couple of blokes

  • Ryan

    Spot on, Micah. I hate reading “getup” articles with $50 undershirts, $300 bags, $400 shoes, and $1,500 watches.. almost anyone consulting a magazine for style likely can’t afford those.

    Andrew just “gets” getups. Keep ’em coming, man.

  • Shawn (

    I like the way the colors of the accessories “tie” together so well, here, Andrew. My climate is too hot and humid for boots in summer (other than outdoor gear), but these look nice, and I can see them being workable in an area like SoCal.

  • Rick


    Try not to be such a douchebag. Because of the variation in audience on this site, one can only assume that you said such a thing to tout the fact that you manage people. If this getup isn’t in accordance to your industry’s standard for workplace attire, then no comment is needed if you don’t like it. If it is, then it shows you have either awful employees (since firing them would be justified over a pair of pants) or you are a crappy manager with an ego who wants others to think his business is more successful than it actually is. In either event, your comments reflect poorly on both your abilities and, based solely on your response, on your character as well. If you can’t say anything constructive, then don’t say anything.

    I personally love this one. Some of the more recent ones I haven’t been overly wowed by, but this one goes right up there with the Up and At ‘Em one, which is one of my favorites on this site.

  • Andrew

    Thanks Micah and Ryan, I really appreciate that, that’s awesome!

  • Michael

    @Rick, Bravo. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Eric

    Has anyone bought those LEC pants? From what the site says they run pretty big, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they fit compared to Levi 501’s or something similar.

  • Andres

    Love the look, very casual and not something that you see too often. LOL, loved your response to Chris, it was SPOT on! I do have a question though, whats up with all the brown belts? Don’t get me wrong, I love it but why not another color? Show me how to pull off another color in the “getup” please!

  • Andres

    Never mind on the brown belt comment, just took a look and seems you have already covered this area pretty thoroughly!

  • Jeff K


    I wouldn’t agree with Chris, but I dont think this whole response column should be about him being an ass. I like the wallet, but I wonder how practical it would be to put everything in one big pouch like that.


  • Daniel B

    Wow Chris, what a close-minded d-bag. Why are you even at this site?

    I bet you stick close to the JC Penney collection, don’t you? 😉

  • Chris

    Wow, did I get some people mad. That wasn’t my intention. “The Getup” is what I open Primer eager to see and I love most of them. For any office that is art or IT centric I could see it working but bright green pants just don’t project “professional” to me. I think its pretty funny that people took what I said to be hateful and responded with rage and assumptions. Way to prove you are better than me. I don’t remember quite that level of anger over the people that didn’t like the binder clip wallet (pure genius in my opinion.)

    Keep up the great work Andrew, even though this one stuck me as bad I have to say, you put together some great outfits.

  • Bryce

    FYI, the Factory “laptop” bag doesn’t have any padding for your laptop. Still a more than decent bag, but that could be a dealbreaker for some.