The Getup: Suburban Trek

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  • Andrew

    Qucik update! The LEC shirt is on sale today only for $29.

  • Nick

    How about a nice pair of dark jeans with this? Per the usual GAP doesnt have my size of 34 in length o.O

  • Andrew

    Nick, Absolutely. You could also do brown corduroys, or chinos.

  • Nick

    Thanks for the tip Andrew!

  • Tony

    This would look great with my gray Timberland boots. I am a huge fan of the Pilot brand of pens and have to say that particular fountain pen was disappointing to me.

  • Erick

    thanks andrew, i love this “the getup” articles, keep on with the good work!

  • km80

    Andrew, slightly unrelated..but what are your thoughts on Blazers with contrast linings on their lapels? It seems to be everywhere and I have seen guys wearing it with jeans..Thanks

    • Andrew

      km80, I can’t picture what you mean, do you know of an example?

  • Mike Key

    I’m digging everything but the boots in this.

  • Omar

    As a grad student I often wonder what I can wear, so here’s some ideas for some posts on how to dress for these situations.

    -Teaching Assistant (TA for a class)
    -Teaching your first class
    -Going to conferences (in my field we have a range of people, some dress up in very nice suits, others go for the casual cool style, it really does depend on the conference)
    -Going to campus or a coffee shop to do work

    extra points for conference getups that are 150 or less!

    grad students in my program are on average 29 (the men at least), with the youngest being 25 and the oldest probably mid to late 30s.

  • km80

    Check out some of the blazers on this link below, the lapel is a contrast color or material…Your thoughts?