The Getup: Smart Casual Office

The Getup: Smart Casual Office
Nailing smart casual requires mixing patterns, fabrics, and textures. This Getup is no different than a white dress shirt, khaki pants, and dress shoes other than the addition of color and texture.

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  • Chris.

    This is a good one!

  • Matt

    Yea really nice getup.

  • Bryan

    There’s no link for the bag… Nice looking bag too.

    Anyone have any experience with it?

    At $80 that’s kind of right in no man’s land between junker and decent carrying case…

  • Andrew

    Hey Bryan,

    Sorry about that, I’ve added the link to the bag.

  • Andrew

    The shirt is now sold out except for XL, if you like the look check out this shirt from Banana Republic

  • Gus

    They still have some shirts inside the store..if y’all want to walk into a Target.

  • Justin

    Sorry, but my inner coffee nerd is coming out. You should try an Aeropress. They are fast and produce great, smooth coffee.

    • Andrew

      Justin, I’ve got an Aeropress too, I like it!

  • Kaycee Cortez

    Andrew, This is a great compilation! I love that it’s affordable too. My favorite is the laptop bag… stands out as it is very chic. Unique Chemex drip coffee mixer…but what about for tea drinkers?


    Would you wear the shirt tucked in with this look? And would that answer change if it was worn without a tie?

  • Kevin

    that chambray tie is so cool

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