The Getup: Sharp Casual Without A Collar

The Getup: Sharp Casual Without A Collar
it’s easy to feel there are only two options when evolving from t-shirts: Button-ups and polos. Think outside the collar.

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  • Jake

    lol just in case you weren’t sure about which boxers are smart casual

  • Matt

    The ultimate debate, Jake. haaa!
    I like this look. fresh.

  • Chris Reetz

    Is the unwritten rule to leave the bottom button undone on a cardigan? One of my favorite get-ups here. I need to try a pair of the Docker khakis.

  • Andrew

    Chris, I’m not sure if it’s a rule or not, but I usually leave the bottom button undone. Glad you like it!

  • Jano

    Love the getup.

  • John

    I’ve also wanted to add the cardigan to my closet. Had difficult at first but finally found one. Didn’t know about the bottom button. Glad I know now! Thanks.

  • Brian

    Nice look, but I must ask… Are those pants gray? Are brown shoes with gray pants an acceptable color combination?

  • Andrew

    Hey Brian, Yep they are. Don’t confuse gray to be ‘light black,’ it is its own color and can work with most other colors similar to navy, making it very versatile.