The Getup: Networking

The Getup: Networking
Meeting a mentor for coffee or heading to a meet and greet? Look smart by nailing smart casual.

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  • Michael

    I’ve considered buying the JC Penney wingtips as a cheaper alternative to Allen Edmonds and the like. Does anyone have experience with them? It’d be for a 9-5 office environment

  • Zander

    Andrew – Have you had experience with this herringbone blazer from lands end? I have been looking to get a herringbone blazer but am a little hesitant to check this one out as it seems a little baggy and doesn’t have that ‘V’ appearance on the sides. I love the lands end canvas line but the clothing from the original lands end don’t seem near as fitted to my liking. This one may be worth a shot though.. oh I wish I would have snagged that herringbone blazer from LEC that you posted a while back..

  • Andrew


    Unfortunately I only have experience with the LEC blazer. The nice thing about Lands End is you can order it, and just return it at Sears if it doesn’t look right. I also just saw one at J.Crew but it was more expensive.

  • Andrew

    How about that bag, right?

  • TJ


    I have some experience with the JC Penney wingtips. I think they would be okay in an office environment where they wouldn’t get much wear and tear. The leather is good for the price. It is one of the better ones they sell. With the fall and winter coming soon I think that rubber souls will be good. I don’t know their long term durability though. Overall I think it is a good value for the price.

  • TJ

    By the way, JC Penney now has a wingtip boot

  • Mike

    Fairly new to the site, so it may have been discussed but whats the rule for wearing brown shoes with blue pants?

  • Chris Reetz

    Want those pants. Always have had luck with GAP. And that blazer is nice. The shirt a perfect match for the get-up. GD Andrew, I want it all. @Zander, the blazer can always be tailored if the shoulders fit.

  • Matt

    I’ve been thinking about those JCPenney shoe’s as well. They always catch my eye when I see them. Love that bag and those Chinos. Nice outfit.

  • Nick

    I have these exact wing tips and I originally got them on sale for a steal. For what I paid they’re awesome for an office environment or for outings with an outfit like this. They’re also pretty comfortable. Cheers!

  • Dylan

    Patch pockets on a sport coat can look so nice, definitely a selling point on that Lands’ End one.

  • TJ


    I don’t know if there are any real “rules” for brown shoes with blue pants but I have always been told that brown shoes are better for blue pants than black. Especially if the blue is navy.

  • Robert

    I own the wingtips pictured here and purchased them for about 50 dollars. Personally, I think that they are a good purchase. They are comfortable and look great. Also, if you are looking for something that is nice in appearance, cheap, and flexible – these fit the bill – especially if you shine them after you buy them. However, if you want shoes that you can wear everyday for 3 or 4 months, these aren’t the pair. As much as I liked my pair, I packed them as one of a few pairs I took on a month long trip to Spain and they never really recovered. I was walking about 5 miles a day and they Wore Out. If you a normal person and don’t see yourself walking multiple miles a day, I’d say buy them. I’m thinking about a second pair….

  • Garth

    After this article I purchased the pants in blue and black. I have thicker legs and it still has a tailored fit. These will see much wear around the office. They are heavy enough for fall/winter but not too heavy for spring/summer. Great pick Andrew.

  • Alejandro A. Torres

    about $450 w/o the bag

  • Donny Wisor

    It’s a great look.  I always wear brown with my navy blue suit unless I’m going to a wedding or funeral. 

  • Dennis Swender

    How do you get that shirt? It is really nice

    • Andrew

      You have to sign up to check out Frank & Oak, it’s free. However, they do have a quick turnaround on items so that shirt may not be available still, unfortunately.

  • Seth

    I want to wear this outfit to a wedding I’m going to next weekend.

    Can the shoes be replaced with these:

    the blazer be substituted for this jacket for a more formal look:

    and what other shirt could I might wear because this one is not available at Frank & Oak anymore.


  • bcswan

    I love that blazer, but it looks like it’s out of stock. Any similar reccomendations?