The Getup: Getting It Done

The Getup: Getting It Done
The holidays are among us, but it hasn’t deterred our work ethic.

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  • b

    no joke I just copy and pasted this get up and sent it to my phone so i can go get it after work. well played friend….well played

  • Tanano

    I’m not too crazy for the random tie in what looks like a pretty casual outfit but I’m definitely liking the color palette of this outfit. And that sweater looks great for only 35 dollars. Putting that on my list of things to get after work.

    • bryclops

      The tie shifts it along the spectrum to be a little more business, a little less casual. At my office, some of the older, more traditional guys have given me good-natured grief for wearing a tie in an outfit like this, but my younger (read: under 35) co-workers dig the look.

      And amen about the sweater. It’s pretty outstanding for the price.

  • TJ

    JC Penney has happy socks for $8/pair or 2+ for $6 each.

  • Russ

    Just picked up this sweater and it was on sale… $28 out the door. Thanks!

  • Marshall Lilly

    That particular pair of socks is fine, but if you look at the men’s line of Happy Socks, just about every last pair of them look more like women’s socks.

    • shut up

      • Marshall Lilly

        Is that a response to my comment about the socks, or just an anonymous and juvenile cheap shot at a stranger?

        • Marshall Sr.

          less is more, son.

  • Dudley Antoine

    Ehh awesome outfit but i bought that Old Navy shirt a while back….lets just say it ripped at the elbows two months later.

  • cerberus

     Save your dough on the quartz watch.  Buy something mechanical.  Save your pennies and buy something either vintage or get into the lower end of the mechanical caliber/movement (e.g. Hamilton, vintage Heuer, Omega etc.).  The watch will last you a lifetime and is a standout from the wannabes that wear these throw away watches.

    • Jordan

      high horse much?