The Getup: Fall Casual & Exclusive 20% Off at

The Getup: Fall Casual & Exclusive 20% Off at
Look smart. Feel great.
ad This post is brought to you by Levi’s®. Explore the collection at 

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  • Drew Curtis

    Andrew, you know me so well! I saw that Wallet on Uncrate last week and set a notification on Kickerstart to alert me before the deal was done so I can order it.

  • Paul R Sanders

    Not seeing that color/style of Levis when I hit the link. How can I get my hands on those?

    • JS

      You can see them here:

    • Andrew

      If you click the link it’s the 511 Skinny in “Revolver” color. I actually picked up a pair while making the Getup. I’ve been looking for a grayish pair of pants.

  • Michael

    Nice boots! I’ve been looking for an introductory pair, something affordable for me to try out before investing in a more expensive pair. Anyone have experience?

  • WCM

    I love this outfit. Especially the pants. I’ve been wanting something like those for a while now.

  • GoKingsGo

    As was already mentioned, what color/style Levi’s are those? The link didn’t shed any light.  Also, unrelated but anybody know of a similar site/blog that lays outfits but for women ? Thanks

    • JS

      The pants can be found here:

    • Andrew

      They’re the 511 Skinny in Revolver. Try the link again, it’s now working on my end.

  • Daniel Ballou

    I can’t seem to get to that sweater on lands end, is it just my browser?

  • Daniel Ballou

    Hm, sweater link still won’t work for me but I found it going through lands end’s website.

    • Andrew

      What was the link doing when you clicked on it? I’m trying to troubleshoot these link problems.

      • Daniel Ballou

        It looks like it is about to link to Lands end and says “forwarding to lands ends’ site” then it says will not load.

        • Andrew

          Thanks so much. If you get a chance try it again and see if it still does it. What browser are you using?

          • Daniel Ballou

            Still seems to have a problem, I am using Chrome on a mac and I just tried using firefox and had the same issue.

            I actually ordered it, but I found it just by searching their site and not through the link.

  • adamryan1983

    This is probably my favorite get-up so far.

    • Andrew

      Thanks! Glad you like it.

  • Kevin

    let’s say you wanted to wear a coat and it’s colder out…my only winter boots are of a similar color to those in this getup, but my only warm winter coat is black (pea-coat ish).  problem?

    • Andrew

      I think you can make it work. Maybe keep the rest of your outfit in line with the boots versus matching the coat.

  • Andrew

    Use code “hurryup15” on your first order from Frank & Oak to get 15% off

  • Sean McCleery

    Glad to see others know about Frank & Oak, too! I believe they have a shirt + corduroy blazer deal going on right now as well. You can purchase both for a combined price of $90  

  • Joshua A. Hicks

    I highly, highly recommend checking out Thorogood boots. Made in America, vibram soles,waterproof, sexy as all hell. $126. 

  • Noah G

    I’m getting the boots and the trousers  for sure! great post

  • Zach

    Would these boots be okay in the snow and rain (if waterproofed)? I’m not planning on hiking in them or anything, but I’d like to be able to wear my boots out in the world without worrying about it too much.

  • Jen

    LOVE Frank & Oak. Great picks! Always love what this site puts up.