The Getup: Fall Beach Weekend & Exclusive 20% Off at

The Getup: Fall Beach Weekend & Exclusive 20% Off at
Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t relax at the beach. Enjoy the cooler sands and get away for the weekend. You’ve earned it.
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  • Nolan

    Very nice, thanks for this getup!

  • Brandon

    So many great items here. Thanks

  • John

    Andrew, I’ve noticed the last few Getups have included some form of headwear. Thanks for listening!

  • Kevin

    Glad Primer recognizes that Sept. is still a beach month. The Getsups are always appreciated.

  • Daniel

    I like that collapsible hammock, I just bought an ENO backpacking hammock a month ago. Hammocks are awesome!

  • SteveC

    Hey Andrew, what do you know about that bag? An all leather weekender sounds fantastic for $84!

  • Alejandro A. Torres

    $400 without the photo bag and hammock

  • Lowe

    I’ve been looking for a pullover like this on the internet but can’t find any. Any alternatives? The Levis one seems unavailable.

  • John Burcks

    Old, but this is one of my favorites

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