The Getup: Easy Early Fall Casual

The Getup: Easy Early Fall Casual
Balance a bold pattern with grays and other earth tones.

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  • Brittashcraft

    These types of posts are awesome. You have a great sense of putting outfits together. This is the main reason I like this site

  • Gopackers88

    just got that shirt last week haha

  • Jessy

    I own a pair of those jeans. They look surprisingly great !

    • Andrew

      I’ve owned a couple pairs over the years from AE. The trick is getting a pair without distressing. Then they look, and hold up, great. Especially now that they’ve only been $30 for awhile.

    • Skennion

      Slim Straight from AE is my new favorite fit. Fit like Levi’s 514 with a slimmer leg opening. Perfect!

      • Andrew

        Nice! Good to know. They’re a frugal buy at $29.99.

  • ChrisReetz

    American Crew makes great hair styling products – for a matte paste try their Fiber.  Only takes a small amount to do the job and your hair stays moldable all day.

    • yeld

      Agree, Fiber is a great product. 

  • Guest

    Is this a tuck in situation?

    • Andrew

      I think it can go either way depending on where you’re headed.

  • David

    Just my opinion: if you’re going to invest in a pair of leather desert boots, I would go ahead and buy some Clarks or  Cole Haans. They’ll last longer in the longrun and the cost won’t be much different from Target’s, especially if you get them at Nordstrom Rack or something.

    • Andrew

      David, agree with you on quality. I liked the different styling these offered.

  • Ardrake79

    I noticed those shoes at Target the other day. Do these buck the rule against buying shoes from Target? How do they compare to the Clark’s Bushacre?

    • Andrew

      Yes, only because they’re real leather. A lot of the options aren’t. Clarks will always be a better way to go quality-wise.

    • Andrew

      Yes, only because they’re real leather. A lot of their options aren’t. Clarks are a better bet if you can afford them.

  • Nathan

    First, I love “The Getup.”

    But…. i have a question. In the “11 Style Items You Should Buy at Target and 5 You Shouldn’t” article, you speficially called out shoes and the desert boot as being low quality and to be avoided. I don’t live close to Target to go investigate but are the above mentioned boots different/better than those you initially discussed in the “11 Style…” article?

    Article link:


    • Andrew

      Nathan, Those were different shoes. These are real leather, many Target options aren’t, but if you have the funds go for the Clarks. For example these ‘look’ good but they’re fake leather:

      If you can afford them, go with the Clarks.

      • Nathan

        Thanks for the clarification, Andrew. Sorry this was a double post of @Ardrake79. Great work as always!

        • Andrew

          No problem, thanks for reading!

  • DBallouCrossfit

    This getup is great.

    I know the point of these is inspiration and maybe a few deals or actual purchases, but that keychain is just too expensive. Maybe its just me but I feel like a different keychain could have been used that still fit the outfit. Just my $.02 and I know the getups are mostly so we can see how to connect things.

    I love American Crew hair products, I have used them for years.

    • Andrew

      There are cheaper notebooks too! 😉

      • Daniel Ballou

        True, but this one has a gun on it 😉

        • Andrew


  • Adam

    As a warning to those who haven’t tried American Eagle jeans before…they do not have very much crotch room at all.  For some, not a problem.  For others, definitely a problem.

  • Alejandro A. Torres

    about $300 w/o the bag, notebook and keychain

  • Nick
    • Andrew

      Great find!

  • Kyle Transue

    I love it as always but I wish you would include a picture of some of these items being worn together just to see what it would look like!

    • Andrew

      I wish I could, but I don’t usually have all of it. That’s one of the nice things with the new Look for Less series. I start with a picture then find matches, so you can see both the items individually and someone wearing them. If you have anyone specific you’d like to see let me know.

  • Andres Herrera

    Nice find on the jacket! Hows the fit of the AE original straight fit jeans vs good’ole 501’s?

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