The Getup: Dressed Up Summer

The Getup: Dressed Up Summer
Warm weather brings about countless weddings, graduations, and hopefully some interviews. Build on the business casual uniform with colors, patterns and textures to stay cool while looking your best.

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  • Michael R.

    Love this one. That watch is slick, and so are the shoes. I’m really liking the frequency of these The Getup postings. I think I might wear this to work today…

  • Andrew

    Target also just released a blue blazer for $49.99 if you’re on a tight budget:

  • Gary

    Can anyone attest to the quality of the JCrew blazer posted here? I’ve had my eye on this one and am tempted to get it, but I want to make sure it is good quality considering that is much cheaper than JCrew’s other blazers. Either way, it seems pretty versatile that could pair well with a lot of different options depending on the situation (going out, work, class, etc.) Thanks for the post!

  • Jessy Diamond

    I wish they made this jacket in smaller sizes.

  • Nicholas Crawford

    The Target Kensington blazer is leaps and bounds beyond The Webster blazer. I would’ve snapped up The Webster last weekend in a heartbeat, but it’s high button stance, cropped body, and long sleeves weirded a lot of people out. I put it back on the rack too. But I do have the Kensington blazer in two colors and might pick up the gray too.

  • Diego

    @Gary I got a chance to see the J Crew blazer at one of their factory stores, and to be honest I wasn’t too impressed with the materials and construction. For being J Crew, it just felt a little cheap and should probably be priced at about $80.

  • John

    Does macys do slimstyle shirts now? I started shopping at Express and BR because I can only wear slim style shirts.