The Getup: Cubicle Life

The Getup: Cubicle Life
Feeling like you have your own space is hard when your walls are only 4 feet tall.

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  • Michael R.

    I’m in love with the shirt, belt and watch. Oh, man, that watch. I’ve also never thought of wearing desert boots to work. I think I might try that today.

  • Jake

    Interesting…all i know about cubicles is what i see in movies…but why is it assumed that the dress moves down to the far end of business casual ?

  • Matt

    This outfit is 1000 times better than 75% of the people who work in my building. I never thought of the digi frame instead of taking up too much space with multiple normal framed pics. I will def be putting that on my list of things to pick up. Nice article as always. Great suggestion, Josh.

  • Paul

    As always, great getup. In case anyone else is interested in that awesome USB Swiss Army Knife, I found a similar (possibly identical.. I’m pretty sure the pictures are the same) knife at the Nat Geo store for only $31.99. Here’s the link:

  • Andrew

    Jake, Apologies, the two aren’t connected. Some cubicle workplaces may require a dressier getup, I chose to build a casual but professional one.

  • Emma

    Hooray for the AeroPress! That’s how I make my coffee (and it’s the best damn coffee I’ve ever tasted). I told some co-workers about it today, and they clearly thought I was crazy.

  • Doug

    Like the way that this is put together, good looking but not too dressy for a bunch of engineers.

  • MattR

    Please, please, please no ties without a jacket. Just lose the tie at that point.

    • Andrew

      Matt, I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve heard that notion floating around but for me the tie has a place in more casual style as well.

  • Andre

    35″ is the longest sleeve at Land’s End ? That seems really short .. oh well. Nice “Getup” as usual

  • Brad

    I love these “The Getup” posts! Keep them going!

  • The Modest Man

    Another great getup. How do you make these?? Some sort of plugin or custom coding or what?


    • leeFX

      I know i’m WAY late but he’s probably throwing this all together in Photoshop (or InDesign/similar program) then slicing up the image with links in their corresponding area.

  • GUY

    I feel like a linen blazer would really pull this together. Any suggestions for other colors?