The Getup: Chilly & Casual

The Getup: Chilly & Casual
Whether you’re Christmas shopping, going to work on the weekend, or strolling across the quad for class, stay warm without looking like you’re going snowboarding.

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  • Chris Wilkinson

    Hmmm, clearly you guys are not based north of 60!. This would be classified as a late summer/early fall outfit up here. Can somebody do a Getup for -30 weather?

    • Cody J

      Haha, I hear that. Already down to ~10 fahrenheit here.

    • John

      Well, it’s been around 70 degrees in Chicago the last two or three days. So far this outfit would be perfect for December 2012.

  • Andy

    The watch shown is a Citizen…however you’ve got it “Timex”. Ooops.

    • Andrew

      Bah! Thanks for the catch.

      • Andy

        You bet, Andrew. Love this site. Keep up the great work!

  • Will

    That’s a decent looking bag from Target. Anyone have it that can share their thoughts on it? My canvas bag I have now is starting to fall apart.

    • Frank

      I have it and it’s much too thin. More like a flimsy briefcase than any sort of weekend bag. Probably best to pass, unless it’s on sale.

      • mike

        should look for the 20% off coupon on merona items til the 15th.

  • David

    Got several colors of last year’s version of the Chambray work shirt from LEC. Great shirt, but definitely not worth $60. Quality is acceptable, styling is great, the Q.C. on them is terrible. I own 3 and all 3 of them are cut noticeably differently. It’s on sale for $30 right now, but would not pay anything over that for it.

  • Al Fiala

    The watch does kinda look like the Timex Easy Reader

  • Adam B

    Other good jacket options are the softshell offerings by Oakley and Eddie Bauer. Oakley’s is around $150 but you can pick up the Eddie Bauer one for $40 or $50 at one of their outlets. They’re slim fitting without being restrictive and waterproof. And don’t forget, all Eddie Bauer clothes come with a lifetime no questions asked warranty. Seams coming loose? Zipper broken? Just walk into the store and ask for a new one…no receipt neccessary!

  • chewbie

    I’m not fully persuaded by that belt

  • Attire Club

    That watch really goes with those shoes! In terms of texture.

    Can I humbly suggest a blog on men`s fashion for beginners?

  • Russ

    The jeans are on sale on $30 and many sizes available.

  • Dave New York

     Layering is definitely key when shopping or going out during this time of year. The fall to winter transition is always one of the best yet toughest times to dress for. One day the weather can be warm and sunny, and the next damp and cold. Like the Clark boots, great material just in case you run into some slush or rain.