The Getup: Business Drinks

The Getup: Business Drinks
Drinks with a colleague or client can be hard to dress for: What you wear to the office seems too formal, but you don't want to come off unprofessional.

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  • Jake

    that blazer just seems out of reach. 🙂 i bought that LEC one that was featured a while ago, and i love it…but it seems a little more casual then this one

  • Andrew


    That is actually the one I had in mind when I put this Getup together, but it’s no longer available. I have it too, and love it. It is more casual, but I think it could also work, especially if you don’t want to be too dressed up.

    For those interested, here’s the original piece:

  • Jake

    i know this isnt the post for it…but got any tips on affordable (read: cheap-ish) modernized aka slimmed down double breasted suits? i’m looking all around and all i can find are the BR and J Crew options, both of which are never on sale and are 700 a pop…

  • James


    Could you please keep us posted if LEC comes out with another sport coat like the one that you showcased. I found Primer too late to get one of my own and have had no luck finding one comparable to the LEC.

    P.S. Thanks for the great site and hard work that goes into it!

  • jwehr

    That watch is an awesome find, nice work. Too bad I just got one of the Pebbles…

  • Nick

    Great post, really like this look (that blazers is beautiful).

    Suggestion – Kentucky Derby’s coming up – how about an ultra-preppy getup for the inevitable Kentucky derby party?

    Love the site, keep up the great work!

  • Evan

    How do these jeans compare fitwise to the Levi’s 514s?

  • Mark

    I love these Get-Up guides, but I’ve noticed you seem to favor the cooler side of the color spectrum with a lot of blues and grays. Any chance of getting more diverse color offerings in future posts? I’d love to see some stylish and presentable outfits built around brighter shades of red, green, orange, ect. These sort of combinations work really well for us with darker skin.

    • Andrew

      Mark, Check out some of the older Getups, I’ve done a bit with orange, red, and purple before.

  • Mark K

    I just bought a pair of the Gap jeans today before I saw this. They fit really nice and were on sale at my store for 34.99. They look like a pair of designer jeans to me, like Earnest Sewn.

    Evan, I was actually wearing my 514’s in when I tried on the Gap jeans. The fit is similar, slightly slimmer legs, but nothing I would call “skinny.”

  • Jake

    thanks…i haven’t been wearing jeans for a couple of years, and i just sprang for a pair….514’s…i have thunder thighs so they are a drop close around the thigh area but i’m hoping with a little wear they’ll be more comfortable…because it wasn’t so bad in the fitting room

  • Daniel

    I just got that j. crew herringbone blazer in a slightly lighter color from a factory sale in lynchburg, va for $25. I am so excited!

  • Jessy

    I own a pair of those jeans, but they are a bit big on me (and I couldn’t size down, I bought the size 28). I would probably be better with a slim fit.