The Getup: Biking At The Beach

The Getup: Biking At The Beach
Protect yourself from the sun while staying as cool as you look.

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  • Andy

    Another great getup! One thing to mention, I bought a watch similar to the Timex at K-Mart for $10, it’s their silver easy reader. It looks similar to the Timex and is a steal. I’m not sure about the quality, but so far it’s been great!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • Andrew

    Andy, the Easy Readers are great, I’ve got one too that I use weekender straps on.

  • Eric

    Instead of those sunglasses, if you want to save some money, take a look at Knockaround sunglasses. Same style, any color you could ever want, way cheaper.

    • Andrew

      Eric, I love my Knockarounds! Did a feature on them a little ways back.

  • Jeff

    Please fix the link on the plaid shirt, it’s linking to the wrong shirt at Target I think…

  • Tyler

    I don’t know.

    I know too many douchebags/weirdos that wear fedora-esque hats.

    They have ruined it for everyone.

    • Andrew

      Tyler, You gotta take that shit back from them, man. 😉

  • Garrett

    Any ideas for stylish helmets for those of us wishing to be somewhat safe?

  • TJ

    I like the get up. I have the timex weekender that I bought from work. It was originally $37 but with my employee discount and some appreciation coupons the company gave me I was able to get it for under $10.

  • Michael

    Andrew, I’m going on a cruise in a couple weeks, can you do a nice cruise getup? Thinking something for the day of the cruise, getting on the boat and let the drinking commence!

  • Heath

    @ Eric and Andrew, I’m sorry Knockaround makes the worst sunglasses that I have ever purchased. They were of the same quality that you would have pulled out of a claw vending machine as a kid. I complained so loudly to them they actually went against their no returns policy and let me return them for a full refund. I eventually settled on sunglasses from Sunglass warehouse that were only $12 and were built significantly better. I am quite disappointed that I took your recommendation for them and it has made me leery about purchasing any thing else suggested here since.

    • Andrew

      Heath, I saw the comment you left awhile ago saying the same thing. My experience was quite the opposite. I really enjoy my Knockarounds and wear them almost every time I go out. I get lots of compliments too. Maybe you got a bad batch? Or maybe we have different requirements in sunglasses. For $25 I’m very happy with them.

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  • Heath

    I apologize for the double post. It never appeared to post on the other article I commented on. I just expected more from them as you praised them so highly. My criteria for anything I purchase is that it is of high quality, durable and is a good value or investment over the long term, regardless of the price point. Knockaround glasses didn’t meet those criteria for me. The Ray Ban clones they sell at Sunglass Warehouse are great. You should check them out. I bought 3 pairs from them and at $12 each and with a superior build quality I found it to be a better buy.

    • Andrew

      Heath, I’ll take a look!

  • Boucher

    very awesome collection. the shirt is very fit and sexy

  • Ryan

    I can’t find the hat on the site can anyone help