The Getup: Beach Bonfire

The Getup: Beach Bonfire
The beach isn’t just for enjoying the sun. Look smart and stay comfortable while you enjoy the Smores.

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  • Cheyenne

    I have a pair of Asics just like that, but gray and white. Another great Getup!

  • Jason

    I like the pants – but they show up as $60 on the website.

  • Andrew

    Jason, They were having a pants sale, looks like it just ended.

  • Harsh

    Great getup Andrew! Do you know stores where I can get clothes to fit a much skinnier and slightly taller body frame? I’m having difficulty finding clothes that fit me.

    • Andrew

      Harsh, have you tried H&M? There shirts especially have always been very slim on me. Zara is similar if you have one of those around. Could you wear, say a small, that’s cut longer, like a dress shirt? You could also look into having shirts brought in, or even going made-to-measure with a place like Blank Label.

  • Scott

    The cast iron pie iron is the only way to go. A bonfire isn’t as much about how you look, it’s about how good you can cook.

    I really want a mountain pie now… or s’mores. yumm

    • Andrew

      I’ve been craving mountain pies. I can’t decide if my first will be pie filling or pizza sauce and cheese…