The Getup: A Full Saturday

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  • JB

    Binder clip? Really?
    I could think of so many inexpensive options (Mossimo money clip wallets from Target, etc.) but a clip?

  • ChrisM

    I’ve been using a binder clip for a while now after getting fed up with not finding the wallet I wanted for a reasonable price. Not only is it the best money clip/wallet alternative I’ve ever had but I get plenty of comments on what a great idea it is.

  • Peter

    I’m with JB, binder clips are a joke, let’s keep it classy. Rest of the look is great

  • Andrew

    To each his own, gentlemen. I’ve got several wallets: bifold, card case, money clip; but I still use a binder clip on some days because it’s small and I appreciate the sheer functionality of it versus its cost.The Getups always seem to have one element a few folks pick out, and it makes me think, “THIS is what you took away from all this?” It’s inspiration to adapt to your personal style, pick and choose as you like.

    For alternatives check out the Tag Smith card case (I love it):

    Or our feature on slim wallets:

  • Walter

    Allen Edmonds has nicely priced clips for under 20 dollars…

  • Jessy Diamond

    Could I switch the color of the pants and the shoes ?

  • Jessy Diamond

    Oh and is the henley supposed to go over or under the shirt ?

  • Andrew

    Absolutely, any earth-y tone should do. Dark jeans would also work.

    The henley should be worn underneath. I wear this getup frequently, I leave the first 3 buttons on the ginham undone, the first 1 or 2 on the henley, and usually do a single flip of gingham’s sleeves.

  • Andrew

    Thanks Walter, that’s a nice looking one at a great price!

  • Zach

    May I suggest that with each of these Getup’s we get a corresponding picture of someone wearing it? I think that would help us all see a) how to properly wear it, and b) what it actually looks like on a human being instead of a patterned background.

    Great work, otherwise! I’m loving the fact that I’ve slowly accumulated all of the pieces to this puzzle thanks to your advice!

  • Frank

    Those clarks are 30 bucks cheaper at…

  • Andrew

    Zach, that’s a cool idea. I’ll try to do it when I can. Unfortunately if I only feature clothes that I own, we’re going to run out of Getups pretty quickly. 🙂

  • Juan

    what color are those desert boots? oakwood?

  • Andrew

    Juan, Yep, those are the oakwoods.

  • Ben Keels

    I think that the binder clip is a great idea. I used to use one. I just couldn’t stand the rigidity of it in my pocket. So, I invented a softer, more comfortable, better holding card/cash holder. It’s called The Xband. Check it out at

  • JOHN

    Thanks Andrew for all the style tips! You’ve definitely helped me change my image in a great way. Keep it up man.

  • John

    Binder clip? Heck, I just use a large paper clip! They’re even cheaper!

  • Matthew

    I read this website all the time, and I’ve never commented on any post, but I think these are the smartest and greatest features. I have very little style, so when websites recommend one item at a time, I can’t for the life of me put anything together. These articles really coordinate a whole outfit. Really great job. Thanks!

  • Travis L

    Just wanted to throw this out there. I saw how much (unnecessary) flak your binder clip idea got and then saw the same thing pop up on one of my other favorite sites Secret Forts

  • Nick

    I prefer my wallet, but if I go out for the night, I only need some cash, an ID, and a credit card. I used to just stuff it all in one pocket, but one thing would fall out when I would pull another out. The binder clip is a great idea.

    And for the nay-sayers who prefer to pay for a “classy” money clip: It’s your money you’re wasting. The wiser men know that function is far more important than form. Plus, it’s going to spend 98% of its time hidden away in your pocket anyhow…

  • ChrisM

    Two months later and I’m still wearing it about once a week. I went with a short sleeve henley though so now that its getting warmer I just roll the sleeves and I’m good to go. Also if I want to go a little more casual I trade the cords for a pair of brown Decree jeans I grabbed at JCP.

  • Andrew

    Chris, That’s awesome! So glad you like it.

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  • James

    Old old post I know, but I just thought I’d share I pretty much wore this getup today. Slightly different I went with grey Chucks instead of my Clarks, but I thought it worked OK. I think I will do what Chris suggests and switch to short sleeve henleys once the weather starts warming up.