The Getup: 4th of July

The Getup: 4th of July
Celebrating freedom in style.

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  • Rodney

    Great Get-Up Andrew, and all very affordable options. Just a head’s up: I went to the GAP site and someone commented that the picture is misleading and the color of that polo is navy blue instead of the sky blue

  • Marc

    I am definitely breaking out the red pants 4th of july,

  • David

    Ultra-Sheer is the best kind of sunscreen.

  • Adam

    Holy crap, I must be doing something right. I already have those exact shorts, almost identical sunglasses and shoes. Oh, and I love Sam Adams Summer Ale.

  • Bill B.

    They still make those tanks? Sick.

    Shorts + polos make me feel uncomfortable together…. i have a weird double exposure thing. Otherwise, my kit is going to be very similar this weekend.

  • CJ

    @Rodney I own the GAP shirt in this getup and it’s definitely sky blue, not sure what that one reviewer was talking about

  • Brock

    Ladder toss! What a great alternative to cornhole (a.k.a. bag toss). Easier to pack and carry too.


  • Cheyenne

    I dig the Sam Adams.

  • Gabriel

    @Rodney and CJ I popped in a Gap store today to check out the polo. There is a heather blue AND a navy blue option. I opted for Andrews pick. Good call!

  • Rodney

    I checked the site again and it looks like GAP caught the mistake cause the picture now displays the navy blue option. Unfortunately they don’t have the light blue one available online just yet. Major bummer cause I really like that shirt!

  • Chris Reetz

    Anyone try the Island Surf boat shoes? It looks like an affordable option to Sperrys, but would be a no go for me if they fall apart after a summer.

  • Michael

    @Chris, They look really sweet. I’m curious as well. For that price i’m just going to grab them even if they get messed up.

    @Andrew, going on a cruise, can you do a getup!? that’d be awesome bro

  • Koby

    Thanks Andrew! Because of this getup, I just picked up those Island Surf boat shoes from my local Famous Footwear for $35 and am really impressed. Been looking for brown/white sole boats shoes for a while but was too hesitant to throw down $90 for the JCrew/Sperry ones or $80 for the Sebagos in that style. They really are quality shoes and the stitching, leather and cushioning are all great. To the others, all I can say is go for it!

  • Ror

    That Shirt cant be found online anymore, but go into the store and they have it for 20 bucks

  • Michael

    FYI: I found those same exact boat shoes but by sonoma or something at Kohls for $26! If you have one near you guys check it out.

  • Thomas

    I love the get-ups Andrew! In response to Rodney, there’s two color options for the polo, I personally own the sky blue but yes there’s a navy option and a gray as well.