Steal This Style: Gosling Business Casual

Steal This Style: Gosling Business Casual
Throw in a little swagger for good measure.

Ryan Gosling style business casual

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  • Singleton

    The original photo of Ryan Gosling has been making the rounds of the Men’s Style board on Pinterest, so this breakdown of the outfit will surely be as popular.

  • Joseph

    Everything is basically, a perfect match and not too expensive for my budget.
    I hope to see more of these, “Steal This Style”‘!

  • David

    I agree with Joseph…this is REALLY helpful. I love the idea of “Steal This Style.”

  • Nick

    I don’t know if it’s just my CPU but the links aren’t working!

  • KJ

    buckle on the recommended belt is way too casual for the outfit.
    recommended shoes are balmorals while Gosling’s shoes are bluchers (which, incidentally, makes the recommend belt clash even harder)

    Gosling looks good because the details are all cohesive. if anyone wears the recommended items piece-for-piece, they will just look clueless.

    • Andrew


  • shane

    Love the idea. Great match ups.

    The belt does seem a bit casual with the shoes but non the less. Question, what about fit? Perhaps this is more about the item of clothing and not the fit but the Land’s End pants seem a bit wide if you’re looking to achieve the Gosling silhouette, no?

    good stuff, looking forward to more.

  • Andrew


    The pants are a tailored fit, so whether they achieve the same silhouette is dependent on how they fit each person. Some may have to find a slimmer pant, others a looser pant.

  • Alan Cassinelli

    Land’s End has a 25% off sale on everything TODAY ONLY and free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Great deal for those pants!

  • Geran Brown

    All the guys saying it is too casual or whatever…how about recommend replacements to back your claim?

  • KJ

    Andrew-the post came off way more harsh than I meant it to. I apologize for being an ass on your blog.

    Geran-In this price range, I would recommend a chestnut or medium brown strap (whatever matches your shoes, really) with 1W buckle from Narragansett Leathers. It’s still a little rustic, but not too casual. Made in Maine and still only $34.

  • Micah

    I like the new “Steal This Style” section. Looks good to me… anxious to see more of these in the future. Keep up the good work.

  • Scott

    Great breakdown.

    Andrew- priceless retort.

  • shane

    @Andrew, makes sense.

    @Geran, actually the one on the Lands End pants looks good to me. Still a casual braid but the buckle seems a bit more sleek. Bet they sell it somewhere on that site.

  • Craig

    Steal This Style is a very clever concept. The idea of simple styling at an affordable price with a little Hollywood thown in is brillian. Looking forward to the next one.

  • John @FearlessMen

    He definitely does know how to dress. Thanks Andrew for putting this together. I admit I’ve been curious to know where he gets his clothes. I like that it’s affordable cause we’re not all making bank like them actors. haha!

  • Joe

    Awfully kind of you to say Craig:


  • Brock


    What’s the deal? This is almost word-for-word the same series title and idea as Dappered – is that a coincidence or is something going on that is very ill-conducive to being an honest man (see your article in Live – Principles)? I’m hoping I’m assuming the worst.


    • Andrew

      Hey Brock, Complete coincidence! I sent Joe a note after seeing his comment. I’ll come up with a new title if I do another one. All friends here!

  • Brock

    Please delete that second comment^. It was posted in error after not seeing my first one post up. My apologies – while I’m interested to know the story, I do NOT want to troll. Sorry for the duplicate post.

  • Brock

    Andrew – that is absolutely refreshing to hear. I love both sites and would hate to come to understand that I had completely misgauged your character. Thank you for clarifying that in short order – a testament to the aforementioned character. Keep up the good work Andrew!


  • Stephen

    best. idea. ever. love it. keep this up, guys.

  • tim

    I like these posts when I originally see them elsewhere. Ahem.

  • Kyle

    Awesome look. Gosling can definitely style it. I really dig traveling with the business casual look. I just imagine everyone is thinking “If he looks that good traveling, how great does he look when he gets to his real business?” haha

  • Adam

    I’m a new reader of Primer and this is definitely something I’d like to see more often (a weekly column, maybe?). I’m always looking for new styles to try since it’s very hard to find something I like, and this is an excellent way to see how things look on different body types and where to get the clothes at affordable prices. Well done.

  • Ryan

    Any other suggestions on where to find the shirt. It is currently sold out on Lord and Taylor.

    Great post!

  • Brock

    Love this series (even if Dappered started it). Looks like there are two “Brock”s on the old comment board these days…


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  • Bech

    Hi Andrew and greetings from Greece.
    Could I use this shirt (click link below) as an alternative for that style or should I choose a shirt with wider stripes?

    I really like your posts. Keep up with them.

  • Daniel

    I wish I had that much styles, but I do need those pants and shoes as soon as possible.

  • Alex

    Curiously enough, this week I’ve worn exactly the same style and color combination to work, although using diferent brands: chinos by Dockers, shirt by Hollister, shoes by Clarks and belt by Dustin. I swear I hadn’t read this post previously! 🙂

  • J

    The sunglasses are 30% off at BR.

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  • serena

    I agree with Joseph.I like the new “Steal This Style” section.Serena

  • sherry sherry

    I like it. Dresswe