Spring Essentials: Canvas Shoes with 10 Picks

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  • Reply April 18, 2012

    Brock T

    Great choices! In case you need another, take a look at Seavees. I have a pair in grey chambray and couldn’t be more pleased with them for a casual summer shoe.


  • Reply April 18, 2012

    Jesse Liebman

    Gotta say I’m a little disappointed not to see the PF Flyers on this list.

    You can pick up a pair of the PF Flyers Center Lo Sneaker on Endless.com for only $44 in the canvas color.

  • Reply April 19, 2012

    nick k

    You should note that that isn’t the vans authentic but the vans authentic lo pro in your spread.

  • Reply April 19, 2012


    i recently picked up a pair from American Eagle (GNRC) that was featured on Dappered a while ago…http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?productId=3211_1011… that’s probably why 2 of the colors are sold out and many of the sizes. but hey, someone might want a cream sneakers for 10.99 with a coupon code… 🙂 (dappered feature : http://dappered.com/2012/04/ten-stylish-picks-for-under-10-00-april-2012/)

  • Reply April 19, 2012


    Silly question: Would socks be considered necessary for these shoes?

    I’m guessing not, since they’re summer shoes and all.

  • Reply April 19, 2012


    Got some Jack Purcell’s for $25 at J.Crew on sale

  • Reply April 21, 2012


    I would also suggest the Crocs Hover Lace-up or Plim. Yes, they’re Crocs, but they have the wonderful crosslite sole that I’ve been relying on for the last 10 years while in surgery and they have a wonderful canvas upper that mimics either the Vans original or Chuck Taylor. Most important they are more comfortable than either of the types they mimic!

  • Reply April 21, 2012


    I would suggest Generic Surplus.. Cheap, decent quality, many styles.

  • Reply April 23, 2012



    ^ The Circa Crip also look great. Many nice refreshing color combos. Very affordable. They really do not look “skater”… Of course this depends on what else you wear!

  • Reply May 22, 2012

    Jeff K

    I too, love the PF flyer. Great shoe and should be here.

  • Reply July 2, 2012


    I picked up a pair of canvas impulse by steeple gate sneakers for not a lot. They’re really nice sneakers with leather detailing and laces that are good for a hot summer day. Available in blue, orange, and tan. Link below.


  • Reply May 24, 2015

    Style Sample Mag

    Great overview! I just pinned the image on Pinterest and will definitely share it on Twitter.

    I think canvas shoes like this are perfect for wearing with chinos and jeans. It’s a classic when it comes to casual outfits. We wrote a piece on the different types of casual shoes and the white canvas shoes made it into it: http://www.stylesamplemag.com/casual-shoes-for-men/

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