Primer’s Gift Guide for Guys

It's that time of year, when everyone from your girlfriend to your mom to your cubicle mate wants gift ideas for things you want. Coming up with a list of things we want isn't the hard part; I'll take a 3D printer, new Allen Edmonds, and a week in Norway – it's coming up with things we want in affordable gift ranges that makes this so difficult. If it's something we want, and it only costs $25, we probably would have just bought it for ourselves already, right? That's where the Primer Gift Guide comes in. It's chock full of awesome stuff you'd love to have, but might not be able to justify shelling out the money for. The gifts are categorized in price ranges so you can easily come up with ideas for your office Secret Santa from the under $30 range, or ideas for your girlfriend in one of the higher ranges. She's been begging for ideas since Thanksgiving, lets give her some.

What's Primer Approved?

On some of the gift ideas there's a small “Primer Approved” badge. This is a classification for some of the products I've tested hands-on and feel they're worth the money. Companies can't pay for this distinction: The product we used must have met both the advertised promises and our expectations.

gift ideas for guys

Double Old-Fashioned Glass

It may not affect the taste but serving your Old Fashioneds in plastic cups just doesn’t seem right.

Seed Bombs

Go for a hike, take your slingshot, and spread life like the bald guys in Prometheus.

Waterproof Notepad

The best ideas always come at the worst times.

Magic Wallet

This tie inspired beauty is made of silk with leather trim.

Modern Playing Cards

Bring your card games into the 21st Century.

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Better than stabbing your co-worker.

Sliding Steel Bottle Opener iPhone Case

A discreet slide out bottle opener built into your phone case.

Dollar Shave Club

Sick of paying an arm and a leg for razors every month? Get them mailed to you on the cheap.

Cocktail Sphere Ice Molds

These slow melting ice spheres keep your whiskey or cocktail cold without watering it down.

Conceal Wall Book Shelf

A black Ikea bookshelf is so boring.

Gentleman’s Fashion Anchors

These small sticky discs hold your collar in place, or the perfect amount of sleeve showing underneath your jacket. They remove easy with no residue.

Wool Tie

If you’re going to get a tie for Christmas, at least it’s one that you’ll look good in.

Crescent Odd Job

This cool multi-tool has 11 different tools built in, tailor-made for a guy just starting out or for keeping in the kitchen.

InstaMorph Moldable Plastic

Ever break a tiny little plastic part that costs an arm and a leg to replace? Mold a replacement with this plastic that softens in hot water.

Ninja Knife Magnets

If you looked at this and weren’t convinced you want these, I’ll never be able to convince you.

Beer Bottle Hip Holster

Working outside or around the house but need to keep two hands free? Great for grillmasters.

Vintage Globe

A simple, affordable decoration for your gentleman’s pad.

Art of Manliness Letterpress Stationary

These simple, masculine cards work great for thank-you notes for gifts (hint).

Smartphone Windshield Mount

Is your GPS and radio your smartphone? Use this convenient mount.

Brain Candle

Self-conscious about having heart-shaped candles? Go for the brain.

Coffee Grinder

No matter how you brew, fresh ground beans are essential to good coffee.

Buckler's Chapped Skin Remedy

If you spend the winter outdoors you need a heavy duty lotion to protect your skin from the wind and cold.

Lamy AI-Star

Highly regarded among pen enthusiasts as a good starter fountain pen.

Scratch Off Map

As you travel, you can scratch the map to reveal colors underneath.

Masterlock dialSpeed

This combination lock uses a d-pad instead of numbers. Check our write-up here.

Bulleit Bourbon

My personal favorite for a homemade Old Fashioned.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

The best kept secret among coffeephiles, this easy-to-use system makes a great cup of joe.

Removable Pull-up Bar

The pull-up is one of the best exercises you can do. Do them at home when you wake up or in-between things.

gift ideas for guy friends

Pelle Leather Journal

Handmade in the USA, this journal is refillable. Check out my review.

A Nice Umbrella

The ultimate “I'd like to have it but don't actually want to buy it” item.

Mini Microscope for iPhone

Now your Instagram photos can be even more up close and personal.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Get a close shave with this often recommended starter.

Vintage Film Cameras

Old cameras make great decorations that’s both gentlemanly and classy. The swimsuit posters would cancel that out, though.

Framed Art Print

Lots of different styles, sure to spruce up any gent’s place.

Barware Set

A man always uses the right tool for the job.


Can't walk around in your undies forever.

Blue Oxford Shirt

A staple of every man’s wardrobe.

gift guide for men

Pizza Oven

Save money by making pizza at home without the frozen cardboard pizza crust.

La Nuit De L’Homme Cologne

A masculine, but modern scent will keep you from smelling like your grandfather.

Craftsman Evolv 52 pc Tool Set

Get your tool collection started with this excellent variety of tools that also has a lifetime warranty.

Dalmore Scotch

The gold medal winner in the 2009 San Francisco Spirits Competition. Check our review here.

USA Made Canvas Briefcase

Made right in Portland, Beckel Canvas started as an outdoor company, but also has a line of awesome – and affordable – bags.

Starter Guitar

Finally continue learning how to play the guitar with this highly rated, intro instrument.

Dremel Rotary Tool

Shave inches off a mis-cut project, you’ll find tons of uses for a Dremel.

gifts for boyfriends

Official NFL Game Ball

Take your beach games to the next level with this leather football known as “The Duke”.

Collapsible Work Table

Not enough space in your apartment to do projects? This work table folds up like magic.

Makita Cordless Job Site Radio

Take your tunes with you with this rugged radio that accepts mp3 player input.

iPhone Powered Missiles

Sure, they seem expensive, but you wouldn’t cut the office defense budget, would you?

gift ideas for guys over $100

Skagen Watch

We’re big fans of Skagen at Primer, they create beautiful watches with a minimalist design – all for a great price.

American-made Boots

These look great with jeans or chinos – and they’re proudly made in the USA by Chippewa.

Calvin Klein Wool Pea Coat

The classic coat that will keep you looking sharp for many winters to come.

Classic Walking Coat

Northface jacket not cutting it with your suit? This knee-length coat is as versatile as it is simple.

Remington 597 .22 Rifle

Sure, .22’s may not get a lot of street cred, but among serious shooters they’re a great way to shoot a lot of rounds for cheap.

Kindle Fire HD

Perfect for the reader who doesn’t need the bell & whistle apps of the iPad.

gift guide for guys
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