Poolside: Relax in Style

We'll help you look smart while lounging at the pool. Now you just have to stop doggy paddling.

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  • John

    Wow thats a lot of stuff to carry to the pool! Personally, and YMMV, I loose the chinos and belt altogether (my swimsuits can all pass as regular shorts). I’d replace the flips with canvas sneaks and the shirt with a lightweight poplin (cotton, blend, or nylon). The duffel seems excessive too, unless you’re toting the ingredients for your drinks.

  • John

    Oh and a cheapo, trash novel, too.

  • Bill B.

    Solid, although a good pair of flops go a long way towards not causing pain due to rubbing.

    BTW – some (maybe all) spray on sunscreens will burn if you apply to your face. That may be common knowledge, but I learned the hard way.

  • Jessy

    Ohh, I like the beach towel. I was using a regular bath towel, but I’ll try to find a similar model up here in Canada.

  • Tim

    I picked up that watch 2 months back, can’t beat that price!

    Still have the leather strap on it. I need to buy some canvas ones.

    Gotta disagree with John on the shirt change though. Linen > everything in the heat.

  • John

    No doubt Tim, but it’s expensive and tough to find. Lightweight poplin is good enough for me.

  • Tom

    Great kit! Any book recommendations for the summer?

  • Allen

    I agree with John. This is way too much stuff for just hanging out by the pool. Oh, and I have that watch, and it’s not a good one for any contact with water. Mine was out of commission for a few month after getting dunked. My recommendation on watches by the water is that they should be rated for at least 100m. Otherwise, lose the watch and lose the watch tan line.