Designer to Deal: Fall

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  • Reply August 30, 2012


    Wowee. Everything about the Thom Browne outfit is horrifying.

  • Reply August 31, 2012


    Are these all the new styles for fall? It’s weird because I have picked up all of these pieces on my own over the last year or so. And believe me, I don’t try and wear whats considered popular. Only thing I don’t have is the herringbone jacket, but I have been looking for one. I love your suggestions.

  • Reply August 31, 2012


    Anyone have experience with Lands End’s blazers? They have a 25% off w/ free shipping deal going on right now.

  • Reply August 31, 2012


    I picked up two pair of the target corduroy pants over the weekend. They actually fit pretty well. Maybe too well! They’re labeled as straight cut but they feel a little more slim than I like. They’re snug around my thighs and although it’s not uncomfortable it may be tighter than I like. I’m holding on to them for a few days, but they might be going back. They do look nice and for the price I guess you can’t go too wrong. P.S. I think the gray (pictured above) is the nicest color.

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    Love this format. Keep these guides coming!

    @DMITRIY I have bought a couple Lands End Canvas blazers and they fit well if a bit long in the sleeves.

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    I have one from Lands’ End. I like it a lot:

  • Reply August 31, 2012


    Great list. Heads up though Express Men has a shawl collar cardigan for about $50-60 that looks similar to the Gap one. You can never go wrong with Levi’s cords either.

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    This is great! Agree with Nathan, love the format

  • Reply August 31, 2012


    This! More of this.

  • Reply August 31, 2012

    Rob S

    Nicely done, Andrew.

  • Reply September 2, 2012


    This is so helpful. Thank you!

  • Reply September 3, 2012


    This is great! As a poor college student it is helpful advice like this that makes Primer my go to source for men’s fashion.

  • Reply September 8, 2012


    For the sweatshirts, check out the 1901 sweatshirts. They are on sale at nordstorm now, and the fit is great.

  • Reply September 16, 2012


    Lands End Herringbone sportcoat is $100 off through TUesday

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