Sale: $15 Flat Front Shorts at Target in Lots of Colors

Target's $15 colorful chino shorts sale.

We're rocketing towards full-on short weather. Now's the time to make sure you've got the goods before a pair of chino shorts are the same price as a full pair of chinos.

I found this deal at my local Target. $15 for Mossimo Flat Front shorts, and they've got them in a ton of colors. Don't be scared, I only took a photo from the front of the rack, the back of it had all the normal colors, khaki, gray, stone, etc. if you're not a bright blue shorts kind of guy. (Not that you shouldn't be, you can rock it.)

The navy ones are a solid buy, and the orange or red ones, while you may think they'd be flashy, are pretty easy to pull off with a white polo or oxford shirt.

I believe the sale is on until 3/31/12, a few shades are available online.

Be sure to check out my complete visual guide to men's shorts for more, and pick up a good-lookin' pair of boat shoes to complete the look.

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  • B

    I picked up three pairs last weekend and think they are a great value even at full price! The colors are bold, but not obnoxious. They seem decently constructed, yeet lightweight enough for this South Florida weather. (85 today and only going up from here!)

    I have muscular legs and rear so normally have to deal with a baggy waist in order to fit my thighs. That’s not the case with these shorts. You may be swimming in them if you’re used to skinny jeans, but they are a godsend for me.

  • B

    Correction: “yet” not “yeet”

  • Alpine2012

    I finally had a chance to check out Target’s sale on these shorts.  They have a lot of colors and for 15 bucks it is a steal.  I couldn’t pull the trigger though, they are a little too wide in the leg for my skinny thighs.  Good find, I imagine a lot of readers will find the fit just right.

    • Marc

      Being a 6’4″ Rugby player with massive quads. They are perfect.

  • Kevin

    I tried these on in my local store. I appreciate the venture into bold color territory, but I felt like I was wearing sacks on my thighs. I actually found that the Merona tailored fit shorts feel so much better.

  • jonathan

    Now the shorts are $19.99. If for some reason you don’t have a target in your area I found some nice chino shorts at Kohls for $20(w/o belt) and $22(w/ belt). Decent colors like khaki, stoned and brown.

  • Sofie

    Great article! I really like this site!

  • McBain

    This site inspired me to start one of my own!

  • Andres

    Dang! I was all over this until I saw the deadline and its now FOUR MONTHS LATER..ha!