Our Picks from the Lands’ End Canvas Stock Room Sale, Up to 75% Off

Lands' End Canvas is having another one of their too-good-to-be-true sales, with lots of great stuff at below Target prices. Check out these picks to top off a well-rounded wardrobe while on a budget.

Lands' End Canvas is having another one of their too-good-to-be-true sales, with lots of great stuff at below Target prices. Check out these picks to top off a well-rounded wardrobe while on a budget.

Fine Gauge V-neck Sweater, $15.99

A man's staple for chilly weather, both for professional settings and casual. Check out this week's Guide to Sweaters for more on how to wear one. They've got several colors to choose from, you may want to use this as an opportunity to get away from your typical blues and grays.

Belden Classic Penny Loafer, $39.99

A slim, modern shape for a classic shoe, this penny loafer is unbeatable at only forty bucks. Pair it with some chinos, or go street style with some dark jeans.

Heritage Straight Fit Chino, $13.99

Expand your wardrobe beyond jeans with some chinos; go even further by getting away from khaki. Sizes are limited with this one. I wish they had the granite in my size, damn. Pair them with boots or white sneakers and you've got a smart casual look that's also comfortable.

Heritage Striped Oxford, $11.99

Offering a tailored fit, but hopefully not as tight as it is on our model friend. Oxford shirts work perfectly for the guy who dresses up casual. A staple of the uniform. A couple of patterns to choose from, I went with the blue and white stripe.

Leather Workboot, $69.99

This is almost an exact replica of my dear Frye Dakotas that I wear almost daily. Super versatile, you can wear them anywhere, from the hardware store to that club your girl drags you to. At $70, it's unbelievable.

Austin Boat Chukka, $49.99

I've had my eye on these slick boat shoe style chukkas for a while and are a stylish steal at $50. You'll be able to wear these from Spring and on into Fall without problem. Imagine a pair of dark jeans draped over these. Great look – sure to impress the ladies.

Heritage Oxford Shirt, $11.99

Unfortunately the light blue and white Oxford's are still full price, but this darker blue is just as handsome (and only 12 bucks!). Match them up with some chinos, darker jeans, or brown corduroys and you're good to go.

Classic Jean Belt, $16.99

Every man needs a brown belt to wear with his jeans and chinos. If you're still sporting that webbed leather number from high school, use this as a cheap way to finally upgrade.

Silk Green Striped Tie, $19.99

This traditional pattern will look perfect with either of the Oxford shirts above, and will leave you looking sharp, but not overdressed.

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  • Reply January 18, 2012


    Great! Got a heritage blue oxford, v-neck, and chinos. Just what I needed.

  • Reply January 18, 2012


    Hey Andrew,

    Great list! I’ve also had my eye on the boat chukkas especially in that grey colour.

    My only reservation is whether you think they’d work with shorts?

    I’m going to be hitting a hotspot pretty shortly and am looking to get some new casual shoes. I’m also thinking about the whitecap oxfords in expedition green or maybe light stone. What do you think of them?



  • Reply January 19, 2012


    Hey Andrew,

    I’m inclined to agree. They’re a “mid” chukka, and they have a few of the shorts pictures with the models wearing them and they look not too bad, but I’m still not too sure.

    I’ve seen the low boat shoes, but personally they just don’t really work with anything BUT shorts. In interests of versatility, and at the prices they have, I will likely just get the chukkas in grey and the oxfords in light stone (again, probably more versatile and a tad sharper.

    Thanks for the advice!


  • Reply January 19, 2012

    David P.

    This awesome herringbone sport coat is on sale as well for $114.99 (down from $240).


  • Reply January 20, 2012


    Ordered the sweater, two oxford shirts, and the belt. I had a gift card from Xmas laying around. I already have the workboots (I got them a bit cheaper than the current deal) and they are FANTASTIC once broken in. Be sure to wear them with thicker socks.

  • Reply February 2, 2012


    I LOVE Lands End! As a TRUE Plus Petite Woman, their jeans fit well, were affordable, and when they were of the heavier denim, would last well over a year. And their swimsuits are great!

    I peruse their outlet site, and the super clearance site can have some GREAT stuff if you’re a “normal” size. (Oh, I MUST say their sizes are pretty true – no real vanity sizing here!)

  • Reply June 30, 2012


    Just received three shirts, a polo, a striped oxford, and a poplin. Must say the fit was generic and not flattering at all. I looked fat in all of them, and i’m not fat. All the collars are poorly done. Not a fan of the quality, design, or fit of this brand.

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