The Getup: The Company Christmas Party

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  • Bruce Wheyn

    this article came at the best time … The company Christmas party is on Friday.

  • Edward W.

    Love everything except for that atrocious shirt. On the plus side, if you wear the whole outfit only the collar would be showing, so I guess it isn’t so bad.

  • Pete

    Edward, learn how to stop being such a negative internet troll. If you don’t like a shirt, there are more professional ways of stating it. You don’t have to attack a person, website or company if you disagree on something that is nothing more than subjective, personal taste. If you’re trying to learn how to dress like a gentleman, start acting like one.

    For me, Andrew, I like the suggestion. Thanks for posting.

  • David


    I noticed that horizontal stripes on all of the Blank Label shirts don’t line up as they go across the placket. Is that how they are made, or is it just a product of the computer generated preview? Thanks

    • Andrew

      David, I noticed that too. I would hope it’s just on the preview. The shirt I have from them does not, but it’s just a simple check pattern. Might want to check with their customer service.

  • Doug

    Just a heads up on the pants, to get the $39.90, you have to buy a pair at full price first it looks like:

    Buy 1, Get 1 For $39.90

    Was really excited for a moment, since I’m in desperate need of pants

  • Adam

    I’m having trouble finding some of this stuff, online or in my closet. Any good color substitutions you would suggest?

  • Andrew

    Doug, Sorry about that, complete oversight on my part. Sorry to get your hopes up!

  • Andrew


    Absolutely, I guarantee you probably have something similar. Just slide the colors. You could use a gray sweater as long as it is a different shade from your pants, preferably lighter. You could also do a red or green sweater, and then find a shirt that complements those colors. Add a tie that is one of the dominant colors from the shirt.

  • Edward W.

    @Pete. Not trolling, just giving my subjective opinion of the shirt. Wasn’t attacking the person, the website, or anything but the shirt. I’m a fan of all the other pieces and I love the column. Thanks for the suggestions Andrew.


    Shirt is not atrocious. It looks great but I understand this pattern will not work with everyone. But these are just suggestions. YOU DO NOT BUY/WEAR EVERYTHING HERE EXACTLY. Look for the color scheme and philosophy… that bold pattern shirt is there because if you look at the other pieces they are all “safe”

  • Kory

    I happened across this article after my Christmas party and was pleased to see I had dressed what I consider appropriately for the occasion. The depressing part was I was the best dressed person there. I would have expected a lot more from a group of professionals. Perhaps it’s the midwest where people have less perspective on appropriate clothes for a celebration.

  • James

    Just a quick question. Is the shirt pattern on the right the same as the one in the example? I went to Black Label and they have “Fireside Chat” and it looks like the sample on the right, but not anything like the shirt portrayed. Oh, by the way, the boots are now $59!!…Black only

    • Andrew


      I believe it is the fireside chat. It looks like they may have changed the swatch images since the. Thanks for the update on the boots!

  • Seth
  • Seth

    And can the car coat be replaced with a charcoal/gray color?