The Getup: The Casual Office

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  • John S

    Love it. I recently entered an office environment which fits the bill for this kind of outfit perfectly. Nice to see that I have options available which don’t make me appear out of place, but that is still a cut above the rest.

    Also, the caption for the socks says “disposable fountain pen.”

    Otherwise, keep up the good work Andrew. I enjoy reading your site!

  • Andrew

    Hey John, glad you like it! Good luck with the new gig. Thanks for the heads up, not sure how that slipped by.

  • Cameron

    Really like this piece, all of these style inspiration articles are very informative with regards to putting things all together. One dumb question I guess…could you wear this shirt untucked? Or strictly tucked in since its an office setting?

  • Frank

    Really look forward to these kinds of posts.

  • Troy

    Ok, I loved this post if only for the notebook alone! That’s exactly what I need!

  • Dan

    The outfit pictured above just looks confused. I think you need to make a distinction between “casual” and “business casual.” To me, a casual dress code is what you might see in a creative advertising agency (currently, not 1950s Mad Men). In that environment, the casual buttondown shirt and sneakers pictured would be totally acceptable, but I think dark jeans, chinos, or corduroys (especially for fall) would look better. The tweed pants look out of place. Personally, I’m not a fan of sneakers in the office, and especially not with the tweed pants pictured above.

    If the dress code is business casual, I think the tweed pants are a good choice but the shirt and sneakers are much too casual. A lighter colored shirt with a less casual pattern would be more appropriate. Desert boots or loafers would be a much better footwear choice too. A casual tie would be a nice addition. I think J.Crew nails the style you were aiming for in this post.

  • Andrew

    Cameron, Glad you like it! As for untucking the shirt, it all depends on your office. At my old office I would’ve been the most dressed up person wearing this, so untucked would be acceptable also. You’ve got find the balance, especially when you’re trying to look good, but don’t want to look too dressed up, untucking can be a good way to dress down an outfit. Things you should ensure though, are proper length of the shirt and it’s not too billowy, otherwise it will look wrong for other reasons.

    Dan, I think you’re absolutely right, this is not business casual. That’s why I didn’t say it was. 🙂 This is for office, which is becoming more and more prevalent, that doesn’t even require employees to wear khakis. These tweed pants, are not typical wool dress pants, they’re more along the lines of casual chinos. You would be absolutely correct if these were dressier pants. If someone is going for business casual your suggestions are all spot on.

  • TJ

    I really liked this post. The Disposable fountain pens are cool. I’ve also been looking for a pair of affordable tweed pants and i think these may be it.

  • Matt

    Really love these articles.
    I’m color blind, so I can use all the help I can get putting different colors together properly. These take the guess work out of it and really help a lot. Keep it up!

  • AJ

    I really like this look, and the girlfriend approves of it as well so good choices! The only thing I would suggest has to do with the website itself, would it be possible to tag this and other “Getup” articles as “Getup”?

    Would just make it easier to find them all if you continue with these articles, and that can only be a good thing!

  • Klara

    i wish all of the guys in the offices would read these posts. this outfit is really sexy! most of my male co-workers only know the black suite or the sporty ones. these kind of office-casualty is very sexy i think.

  • Andrew

    AJ, Ask and ye shall receive! I’ll get started on a solution, I think that’s a great idea.

  • Dayan

    Like your post, I must show this to my wife 😉

  • John

    I just wanted to throw my support for the Getup series here…as a stylistically-challenged guy these are very helpful and are quickly becoming my favorite posts on Primer. Keep up the great work!

  • keith

    I’m liking the ideas as well. Recently found the site and trying to slowly build up a wardrobe. 1 thing I never did was layer so always looking for layering options and Ideas. Thanks!

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  • Mark

    Any chance you could include a blurb about how to “put it together” or wear it? I would love to see something like that on all your “Getup” posts. You get a lot of comments on your posts and I don’t have time to search through them to see how others “put it together.” I know nothing about fashion but I’m trying to learn. Do you tuck the shirt in or leave it un-tucked? I’m so lost… 🙁


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