The Getup: Thanksgiving Day

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Rich

    Came across your site via my RSS recommendations. Wanted to let you guys know that you are doing a great job and I really like your content. It’s tough to read clothing blogs since I fall in the big and small category as a gym rat but the applications of some of your tips do have purpose.

  • John

    Laid back enough to grab a beer and watch football with Dad, but sharp enough to get Mom’s approval. Besides, everyone loves a good bullhorn

  • Peter ST

    Great setup here, love the contrast of the shirt and sweater. Some darker khaki or a lighter wool pant would class this up a little if jeans aren’t acceptable at your table.
    Good job, keep em coming. Love the spiked carmel cider idea and will most definitely be bringing that to the party this year

  • Shane

    Nice job once again, long time lurker first time poster. Keep up the good work. I find it very helpful when you post “The Getup” it really gives me ideas….more please. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Phil

    I like how you guys make it OK to get clothes (and watches) at Target and Old Navy and still feel good about myself. And I too love “The Getup.”

  • Scott

    I echo Phil’s sentiment. I was just explaining to her how your magazine has overtaken GQ and Esquire in my regards. You don’t cast shame on affordable clothing lines, and it’s very refreshing.

  • Doug

    The sweater just went on sale (GAP’s Black Friday Deals) and it’s less than $30 now.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the nice compliments everyone! Really glad you guys find these valuable. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Ward

    Isn’t that Gap sweater navy and red… not grey and red? I just purchased a similar sweater for the same price but it’s navy and red, which IMO looks 100x better than grey/red. Also, why wear a button down under a crew neck sweater? Seems a bit snug… I could rather wear a v-neck sweater, which you can get at Target for around 19.99-29.99, which would give the outfit a sharper feel.

  • Patrick

    Awesome column, but I feel a bit alienated living in Houston where we still have 80+ degree temperatures. Any ideas for fall casual that don’t involve layering?

  • Andrew

    Ward, It’s navy and red on my end, perhaps different monitor settings? A vneck would look great too, but I don’t think it’s necessary to look sharp in this case.

  • Andrew


    I feel you brother, I’m in LA so we’re still having late summer temperatures here. The great thing about layering, at any point other than the peak of summer, is that the level of warmth it creates is based on what types of layers you use. Thinner sweaters, shirts. etc.

    You could do a thin sweater vest and that wouldn’t make a lot of heat. I’ve got one I picked up at Target for around $20.

  • EF

    I really enjoy these kinds of posts though sadly I’m in a similar situation to Patrick’s. The weather is so hot here that even just wearing a long sleeve shirt will have me sweating like I’m being interrogated so layering is not really an option. Still I enjoy how you always include accessories like bags or even wallets at times.

  • anthony

    great getup i might use it. Can you guys do one for the infamous Company Xmas party?

  • Mark

    I found this excellent guide to some varying Levi’s jeans cuts and thought I’d pass it along. Good info for anyone like myself who just gets lost in the middle of all the names, numbers, and styles available:

    This is the picture graph they give:

  • David

    I bought that wool jacket from target (the black one). My wife and I are debating on how formal that can be worn. Any thoughts? I could probably wear it with some khaki type pants. But, the question is could I wear that to a wedding or funeral?

  • Andrew


    The military aspects of it make it a casual jacket. You could probably wear it up to business casual / smart casual, but I think a funeral would be pushing it. Maybe to a wedding, if you’re not going to be outside a lot. Specifically the epaulets and number of pockets are why I’m thinking this. Thanks for the question!

  • David

    Thanks. Those are my wife’s exact thoughts. I will likely take it back since I need something that could be more dressy. Any thoughts for something in a similar price range?

  • Andrew


    Sorry I didn’t help your side! Target also has a peacoat in black and gray, which is always classic

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