The Getup: New Year’s Eve

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  • Jacob


    I can dig the Blazer, shirt, jeans, not a fan of Chelsea boots but they will do.

    The only issue I have with layering on NYE is that I am going to a venue that is hosting anywhere from 500-800 people. So shirt, blazer, sweater can get hot! If your out on the dance floor or making your way from the bar to your friends that combo can be a sweat pool in the making.

    I understand layering and being able to ditch your blazer and scarf, but are you really going to ditching your sweater? I live up in the NW it gets a bit cold but the venue will have the heat up and the heat from the large crowd will probably be enough.

    This is what I was considering wearing…Let me know what you think?

    I was thinking I would wear a wool cashmere 3 piece that I have in Midnight Blue with an unbottoned shirt that has a small red and blue tattershall pattern. With my Allen Edmond Strands and a vintage red hankerchief as a pocket square.

    Love the site! Love the feedback!

    Happy New Year to you and yours,


  • Andrew

    Jacob, Thanks for the compliments! Sounds like a great choice, as long as its appropriate for the destination. If you’re concerned about heat, are you going to be able to ditch the jacket and vest?

    Otherwise sounds dapper!

  • Jacob


    Thanks, I hope it turns out as well as I imagine it.The suit is pretty light being a blend, I manage to stay pretty cool in it. Ditching the blazer shouldn’t be to much of a problem. If the heat becomes an issue I think Ill keep the vest and roll the sleeves.

    I was considering wearing a grey pair of wing tips that I have you might be familiar with them Grenson Stanley- color is Dove.

    But I feel that it is a bit more of a summer shoe, and tromping it around through a crowded venue might not be the best scenario for the shoe…?


    • Andrew

      I say wear ’em! If there’s ever a time to pull out $250 shoes, it’s New Year’s Eve! Otherwise, what are you saving them for? 🙂 I like the contrast of the gray with the brown sole. Good find.

  • Matt

    I’d say ditch the black blazer for a gray one and I’m there. This opens up more shoe options. I’d do that with the brown suede chelsea boots I have from Florsheim.

    • Andrew

      A fine alternative as well.

  • Chris

    Is that a plum sweater from Target? Couldn’t find that color in either local store, nor as an option on their website.

  • Andrew

    Chris, You could try a place like Old Navy as well.

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  • Jonathan

    Hey Andrew,

    Love the site, love the mission.
    I have an idea for my attire and would like your input.
    Keep in mind it will be relatively warm here in Memphis.

    – A black cashmere or camel hair sport coat (my buddy from Jos. A.
    Banks is hooking me up).
    – A black and white checked, slim cut button dress shirt from Gap.
    The checks are so small it’s almost grayish.
    – Straight fit jeans
    – Black cap toe dress shoes OR cognac wingtips

    Looking forward to your advice.


    • Andrew

      Jonathan, the camel coat and cognac wingtips sound very cool. I’d give that a try first and if it doesn’t feel right you can default to the black. Good luck!