The Beach: Primer’s Weekend Getaway Essentials

Weekend Getaway Essentials The Beach
Items laying on the beach with numbers next to each
A group of beach items laying on sand
Shorts and sneakers on sand
Survival Straps bermuda bay rhum cologne Alfani Linen Cotton Shirt Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15 straw fedora hat Beckel Canvas Duffel Bag Gap Swimsuit Blue pincord shorts Pro Kadima ray ban sunglasses Survival Straps Alfani Linen Cotton Shirt beach towel Kiehl's Super Fluid White canvas sneakers Old Navy Flip Flops Gap Swimsuit Blue pincord shorts Kiehl's Super Fluid White canvas sneakers Old Navy Flip Flops

1. Duffel / Weekend Bag. You need something sturdy and good looking for carrying all your gear to the sand. Our pick is the American-made Possibilities Bag from Beckel Canvas out of Portland. (Our review here.) $63.95

2. Straw Fedora Hat. Many men our age lament that wearing hats has fallen out of custom. But there's one hat and one place every guy can pull it off and look great: the beach. Less than $20 at most malls.

3. Linen Shirt. Stay cool while in the sun, and warm later at dinner, with a white linen shirt. $15 on sale

4. Royall Lyme Bermuda's Bay Rhum. This spicy sweet cologne is the ultimate scent to wear in the sun. Made of bay leaves, rum, berries, and spices. $28 or make your own with the help of this Art of Manliness tutorial.

5. Lip balm with 15 SPF. The worst thing that could happen on a weekend getaway to the beach is that your kissers get sunburned and become unkissable. Have some forethought during the day, and you'll save your night. Kiehl's, $9.50

6. Sunglasses by Knockaround. Keep your wandering eyes safe with the Fort Knox by Knockaround. $25

7. Survival Strap Watch. Save your leather watch bands, and look great in this casual strap. Extra points for using the paracord to snare a shark. Strap, $35

8. A No-Talent-Needed Game. Pick up the non-competitive Pro Kadima paddles and keep the air between you and your lady friend amicable, while giving you something athletic to pass the time with. $8

9. Seersucker Shorts. The quintisential shorts to wear at the water, seersucker shorts are tough to find this season for a reasonable price. Check these blue-striped shorts for a decent replacement. See our Complete Visual Guide to Shorts for how they should fit.$54

10. Rakish Swim Trunks. Leave those flowered board shorts in the drawer, and pick up some that don't make you look like a teenager. The pair shown were picked up for $20 on sale at Gap, and are unavailable online.

11. A Decent Beach Towel. Need not be fancy, just newer than the ratty one you stole from your parents' basement. $7.99

12. Flip Flops. The one place we'll tell you it's perfecty acceptable to wear flip flops. If you leave the beach, transition to your white canvas sneakers. Pick up a navy blue pair to match your seersucker. $4

13. White Canvas Sneakers. Sharp and simple, white canvas sneakers keep you prepared for the unexpected 3 mile walk she wants to do, and appropriate for dinner at the semi-schmancy ocean-side place. $20

14. Sun screen. No, you don't need to lay your base tan down without putting anything on. Play it smart, protect your skin, and tan slowly. Can't romp under the covers in the evening if you're covered in aloe gel. $7

15. Sun tan lotion made for your face. Pick up a sunscreen formulated for your face and keep your cheeks, ears, nose and widow's peak sunburn free. Kiehl's Super Fluid, $34

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