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  • Reply November 17, 2011

    william christy

    wow great !

  • Reply November 21, 2011

    Tyler McDaniel

    No mason jar?

  • Reply November 21, 2011


    Tyler, had to cut the list somewhere. 🙂

  • Reply November 22, 2011


    Here’s a question: Is there a different for the glasses that look like snifters but don’t have the stem on the bottom? What type of drinks are those for?

  • Reply November 23, 2011


    Andrew, So I was. Thanks for the quick reply!

  • Reply November 28, 2011


    Red Solo Cup?

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  • […] A Visual Guide to the Common Glasses of Wine, Spirits, Beer and Cocktails […]

  • Reply February 17, 2012


    Great visual guide; have you thought of doing a series on basic bar tending? I know a lot of guys who would love to know how to use a shaker, make a martini, etc.

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  • Reply August 27, 2013


    I recently purchased some Coupe glasses off of Bespoke Post and absolutely love them. Wouldn’t drink a Periodista in anything else 😉

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