Ready for Action: Our Spring Essentials

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  • Reply May 9, 2011


    This looks like an ad for Lands’ End Canvas.

  • Reply May 9, 2011


    why does everyone say the desert boot is for the summer?? I just got a pair (and they’re great!) but wearing them in 80F weather my feet were boiling! Liner socks help but to feel cooler I really need to rollup my pant legs, which if fine if I’m out and about but not when I’m going to work!

  • Reply May 9, 2011


    Phil, I could’ve chosen other brands instead of having 3 out of 10 picks be from LEC, but it would’ve been more expensive. I’m a big fan of them.


    Because they don’t work very well in the winter! 😉 They’re honestly good all year round, except for when it’s wet out. They’re a good boot for hot weather, as far as boots go, since they’re thinner than other boots like Fryes or Red Wings that I’ve written about before.

  • Reply May 10, 2011


    How long is the boat shoe trend gonna last? Need to know if they’re worth the investment…

  • Reply May 10, 2011


    Love the suggestions, especially the Bonobos pants. They’re pretty freakin’ amazing!
    Save $50 of your first $100 purchase at by signing up for their mailing list:

  • Reply May 10, 2011


    Chris, the trend will never go away. It’s a timeless piece of footwear; they have been around for ages. I remember the first time I wore a pair and my father was shocked since they had those when he was a kid.

  • Reply May 10, 2011


    Chris, I agree with Steve, boat shoes aren’t going away. They’re very popular right now, so it’s possible that at some point they become less so, but as Steve said, they’ve been around for ages and will remain a staple of men’s footwear. The great thing about them is they look even better when they get beat up.

    David, Thank you for the code, that’s a tough sale to turn down!

  • Reply May 10, 2011


    I disagree on the boat shoes. While I agree that they’ll never go away, I think the “hip” label has worn off. I think after this summer you’ll see less and less of them. Unlike something such as the Desert Boot which are much cooler.

  • Reply May 10, 2011


    Playstead, I agree that you may see less of them in magazines and such, but since there are so few styles of shoes men can wear with shorts, they’re a safe investment.

  • Reply May 11, 2011


    While I wouldn’t recommend the “sockless look” socks in black for versatility (how many black shoes do you wear barefoot?), this sock style is great to have in neutral colors for summer! Especially if you’ll be traveling/walking a lot. In addition to improved comfort and fewer blisters, they’ll keep your shoes from smelling like…er, “summer shoes.” 😉 Nice recommendation, Andrew!

    • Reply May 11, 2011


      Hey Aydika, The loafer liners shouldn’t be visible if they fit properly, so it isn’t necessary to match them to anything. You’re absolutely right, they’ll protect your shoes AND your feet!

  • Reply May 12, 2011


    Anyone have experience with the loafer liners? What brand did you buy, what shoe size are you, and how did they fit? I’m worried that a one-size approach isn’t the best for these things.

    David – Thanks for the Bonobos coupon, can’t wait til my pants get here after hearing so many good things about them…

  • Reply March 20, 2012


    gotta go with the foot powder instead of those socks. not digging the girl look on ’em.

    this is a powder I use:

    just think about taking off the boat shoes at someones house. not worth the embarrassment.

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