On Sale: Our Sportcoat Pick from Lands’ End Canvas

Our herringbone sportcoat pick from November is now almost 50% off.

Thanks to a comment from Primer reader Ed for the heads up! Right now, our herringbone sportcoat pick by Lands' End Canvas is now on sale for over $100 off, bringing the final price to only $139.99.

Check out the slideshow below, and the full post from November to get a better idea of how versatile this coat is. I personally love mine; I can wear it dressed up with a tie or casually with a hoodie. This jacket will take you all the way through spring, so pick one up now while you can.

Thanks Ed!

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  • Kp

    I tried this coat on in store and it was spectacular!
    Right fit, right price (with the 50% off),
    but sorry to bring the bad news but..
    between Dec. 26th – 28th, this coat was 70% off w/ free shipping( 50% off + extra 20% off w/ code + free shipping).

    Oh well..definitely worth every penny!

  • Kp

    Oh…a heads up..this coat is cheaper in store! its 60% off in store from last I checked 2 days ago! =) cheers

    • http://www.primermagazine.com Andrew

      I don’t have any stores near me, do you mean at Sears, or do you have a standalone store?

  • Kp

    Yes, I meant the Sears.
    Also, ask them for a 15% off copoun for purchases over 75$….
    Sorrry for multiple posts

  • Kp


  • Kp

    again, I meants 15$ off.

  • Carlos

    argh!!! no surprise… they don’t carry my size (not many stores do)… I’m a 36R…………

  • Ryan

    What do y’all think about this jacket from BR as an alternative?


    • http://www.primermagazine.com Andrew

      Ryan, I really dig the BR jacket. I was actually going to do a review on it earlier in the year. Let us know what you think of it.

  • Colin

    I have this jacket and I love it. Highly recommend it at the price.

  • Jessy Diamond

    Too bad, I need a 36S.

  • Derek

    I ordered this in a 38 and it is like…way the hell too short! Too small in the chest, too, so I’m just gonna return it for a 40, but I’m not even sure the 40 will fit, either, sicne the 38 is so short. Is the guy who modelled this really short? I’m 6’2″ and even my girlfriend, who doesn’t know all the “rules” of menswear, said it looked weird only covering half my butt.

    It bums me out because everything else about the jacket is EXTREMELY dope.