Need a Little Motivation? Watch This.

Being productive is a mental thing. Whether you sit down and work on the giant project in front of you, or you discourage yourself because it seems insurmountable, your choice lies entirely inside of you. 

However, outside forces — our friends, our family, our co-workers — often play a role in which mentality we choose. Surprisingly, sometimes it can be those closest to us that tell us something can't be done or it's too hard or it's a bad idea. When this happens, it's no wonder that we get down on ourselves.

Getting beyond this lack of encouragement is also mental, sometimes we just a need a little stimulation to spark our internal encouragement.

I stumbled upon this old UBS commercial a few weeks ago and have watched it several times since. Every time I watch, I'm reinvigorated to sit down, take my coat off and start working. The quality's a little rough, and the music is hokey, but damn, Keitel gives the performance of a lifetime.

Be the man who thrives on proving wrong those who say something can't be done, and you'll be more successful than you can imagine.

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Andrew Snavely

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.