How to Escape from Zip Ties

cable tie gun

Whether you're escaping a home invasion or simply making a break from some hostile jungle commandos, knowing how to free yourself from plasticuffs (also known as zip-ties, cable ties, or wrist ties) might just save your life one day.

ITS Tactical shows us how, and as with most things, proper technique is all in the wrists. ITS Tactical (short for Imminent Threat Solutions) is a site started in 2009 by some military veterans and folks in the special operations community. The best part of their method is its reliance on science and not brute strength.

Watching the news any night of the week is testament that being able to defend yourself, and finding ways to escape life-threatening situations may be your only chance of survival. MacGyver got out of some pretty sticky jams because he was mentally prepared.

The video to the right goes over the basics and how to escape when bound from the front. Be sure to head over to ITS Tactical's full post that details:

  • Escaping from zip ties when bound from behind
  • Shimming zip ties
  • Creating a friction saw to cut through zip ties
  • Slipping out of zip ties
  • Escaping from dual zip ties
  • Being a passive victim
  • and how various hand positions affect the techniques

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