Are You a Man Without Tools? Craftsman Offers Lowest Tool Prices Ever

Every guy needs tools. Every guy knows he needs tools. The only reason every guy doesn't have tools is because good ones are expensive. And just like a good pair of boots, you buy 'em once and you'll never have to buy 'em again.

To celebrate their 84 year heritage, Craftsman is offering their lowest prices ever on select tools and equipment. If you've ever thought you should pick up the basics now is the perfect time to do it.

I've been a lifelong Craftsman guy, and my dad has been too. Craftsman offers a lifetime guarantee to either repair or replace most of their tools, which is an incredible thing nowadays. My toolbox is full of Craftsman tools that I've been collecting since I was a teenager, and can attest to their quality.

Check out our article 10 Tools Every Man Should Have for more information and more tool choices.

The sale is only running until 10/21, so get going on it!

Collage of different Craftsman tools

three peice pliers set twenty piece standard metric socket wrench set three piece adjustable wrench set curved hammer eight piece screwdriver set locking pliers
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