An In-depth Look at Student Loans and Financial Burden (Infographic)

Student Loans and Financial Burden
Produced by the Best Online Colleges Guide


  • Daniel

    I will graduate from grad school in 2016, it will be scary to see the number of people graduating and looking for jobs then.

  • Dave

    Time to determine the ROI on that degree before committing to the debt…

  • Ricardo


    Could I print this out and post in in my lecture hall? This is excellent.

  • Steven

    Considering income hasn’t really increased while education and healthcare costs have skyrocketed over the past couple decades, even though we have a desperate need for higher-skilled workers, it is ever increasingly less affordable to get schooling.

  • Trixie

    Your pretty much right about that Steven. It’s like the government wants to gain a higher quality level of education by adding up more levels in school but they do not consider how people can cope up with it’s increasing cost

  • Trey

    Those future projections are dismal. 

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