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»If you've listened to anything we've said, then you know the secret to looking great is buying clothes that fit properly. There's no better way to achieve the best fit possible than by buying clothes made to order, based on your exact measurements. That's where Proper Cloth comes in. With their easy to use shirt designer, you literally create the exact shirt you're looking for. Then the Proper Cloth team constructs it, just for you.

»Harking back to the outfitters of a more rugged time, Buffalo & Company is a clothing company for a new generation of men. From shirts to leather bags, to bow ties and pocket knives, they offer goods you can't find in one place anymore. Founded by a young native of the South, Buffalo & Company holds dear gentlemanly values, the wilderness, and the stories of men like Teddy Roosevelt. If you wish Abercrombie and Fitch still had rifles in their catalogs instead of underwear models, you'll love Buffalo & Company.

»Whether you want to celebrate your buddy's recent engagement or you just want to relax with a cigar and a glass of scotch after a long week, Canadian Cigar Company has everything you'll need. With over 25 styles, they have something for every taste. And their three tier monthly cigar club memberships offer the ability to sample a range of tastes and sizes, whether you're new to cigars or a veteran.

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