Linkszomania for June 16, 2010

Every Wednesday, I’m going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of 13 links chronicling the news throughout the geek world I inhabit. Whether it’s movies, music, art, politics, gadgets, science, sports, grammar, or superheroes… nothing’s out of bounds and everything’s interesting.

Let it begin…

  1. Designing a bridge for cars to travel from from Zhuhai (on mainland China) to the island of Hong Kong is wrought with problems. It’s not because the distance is great (it’s under 20 miles) or because it cuts right through Godzilla’s herb garden (he only grows fruit and also, he’s Japanese) – it’s because cars on the Chinese mainland drive on the right side of the road while those in Hong Kong drive on the left side. Solution? Basically a fancy loop-de-loop bridge. Simple and yet brilliant.
  2. Are unpaid internships ethical? (Are they even legal?)
  3. If this story (with its waterproof digital camera and Internet-centric detective work) proves anything, it’s that the odds of recovering a lost camera at sea in 2010 are probably much higher than they were a few decades ago.
  4. Do you know your geek alphabet, backwards and forwards? It starts with Steve Zissou and ends with Alex (from A Clockwork Orange).
  5. Americans love to run out of a movie theater as fast as they can, once they realize the film has officially ended. I’ve never understood this rationale but if you’re a member of the “End Credits Deserters” camp, be sure you consult this list of “end credits worth watching” and ensure you don’t teleport out of the room when comedy is happening.
  6. “Electrician” doesn’t seem like it would be that interesting of a job until you include the words “Servicing Space Telescopes”.
  7. What do Gene Hackman, Captain Kangaroo, Lee Trevino, and The Everly Brothers all have in common? They’re all former U.S. Marines.
  8. It’s Wednesday. You could probably use a nice five-minute distraction comprised completely of memorable quotes from Caddyshack (a flick that will be 30 years old in July, if you can believe it).
  9. What if Calvin was friends with Apple CEO Steve Jobs rather than his sentient stuffed tiger?
  10. Let’s say you worked at a company that was breaking the law and you wanted to avoid incriminating yourself with the language in your work emails. Fair enough. Just keep this list handy and you should be fine.
  11. How awesome is Pixar? If you write a letter to one of their acclaimed directors (in this case, Pete Docter), you will actually get a handwritten reply and original art (well, one guy did).
  12. Though the concept may be a little too socialist for some (although it is clearly a voluntary thing taking place in another country and nobody should bother complaining about it), 51 millionaires/billionaires in Germany have proposed to give up 10% of their income for a decade to help the nation’s budget consolidation. Good for them.
  13. The best way to combat the infinite drone of those annoying vuvuzela horns at the World Cup games in South Africa lies in equalizers. And science. Take THAT, angry swarm of bees.

Have a week!

Justin Brown

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