Linkszomania for April 28, 2010

Every Wednesday, I’m going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of 13 links chronicling the news throughout the geek world I inhabit. Whether it’s movies, music, art, politics, gadgets, science, sports, grammar, or superheroes… nothing’s out of bounds and everything’s interesting.

Let it begin…

  1. A company called ‘Alphabet Energy’ aims to harvest the wasted energy found in the heat given off by mechanical and electrical devices. Is it an industry worth pursuing? Well, Americans currently waste more than half as much of the energy they consume so… yeah, let’s do this thing.
  2. Don’t breathe too deeply the next time you’re in a bakery: just the smell of live yeast in front of fruit flies actually shortened their lives.
  3. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why nobody wants to be Batman. Thanks for nothing, New York.
  4. As a rule, I generally believe all lessons portrayed in alien invasion films anyway but now with Stephen Hawking on the “when it comes to the cosmos, let’s keep to ourselves” train of thought, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to look up again.
  5. I can’t believe there’s any way the University of Indiana would grant The Great Jordini a degree in magic without him revealing the truth behind his illusions. However, if he complied with this hypothetical requirement, it wouldn’t matter whether or not he had an accredited degree – he could never be a true magician. Right? Magic’s real, right?
  6. The shelf price tags at Costco are extremely generic. Naturally, this means that the shelf price tags at Costco are also extremely ripe for parody.
  7. Apparently, only sixteen American states completely oppose the idea of a person marrying his/her first cousin. Somewhere, both George Michael Bluth and Maeby Funke are quietly celebrating to themselves.
  8. Watching obsolete sports stadiums and arenas implode is great fun. Watching the Texas Stadium (the former residence of the Dallas Cowboys) implode from the inside, with a 360-degree field of vision? Put it in a theater with 3D glasses and people around the world would gladly pay $12 to watch it over and over again.
  9. Well, if we’re not going to use nuclear waste for anything cool and/or straight out of a science-fiction novel, I suppose the least we could do is turn it into glass.
  10. James Hance is a great artist. That’s all there is to say on the subject.
  11. There is a single image that holds the key to winning the war in Afghanistan. The problem is that that crucial image is this graph and it looks more complicated than a Russian Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle that’s been run through a paper shredder. Also: the military seems to hate enduring Powerpoint presentations as much as the rest of us.
  12. Modern electronics are great until they’re no longer modern and you have to throw them out. Best Buy is sponsoring a multi-part series on recycling for Inhabitat and the most recent entry, related to e-waste, succinctly explains why you can’t just throw a computer in a dumpster.
  13. Anatoly Zenkov devised a program that tracks all movements of your mouse cursor across your screen. It sounds a little boring and useless until you see all those movements projected onto a white backdrop and you realize your Internet habit yields digital art that looks like a colorless Jackson Pollock painting or something a gorilla would create in anger therapy.

Have a week!

Justin Brown

Justin Brown is an artist and writer living in Virginia. He channels most of his enthusiasm into making things for his online art shop, Artness! by Justin Brown. You can keep up to date with him, his worldly adventures, and his dogs by following him on Instagram and on Facebook